Sunday, 27 May 2012

What i'm going to wear to my University Ball

Now that my exams are finally over *phew* I can concentrate on the things i've been desperately looking forward to for months! All of you that also have had exams/tests I hope they went well and that you're now enjoying your freedom :) 

I'm going to my University summer ball in a few weeks and have found the perfect dress...not too formal but not casual. Its a gorgeous sweetheart strapless dress (those straps are just so it can be hung) and i'm in LOVE with the colour. In order to add some shape to the dress I added a skinny lavender patent belt. 

I'm planning on wearing my hair down and wavy with a dainty necklace for jewellery . As for shoes, i'll be wearing my favourite pair of heels which i've had for years and brought at bargain from Debenhams. 

For makeup.... i'm undecided yet, maybe something quite simple with lavender liner to tie in with the belt or should I go more on the side of light blue (might be a bit much?).
 What do you guys think?  :)

x o x o 

** oopsy forgot to say where the dress is from ....for those of you wondering the dress is from Rare :) **


  1. That dress is so beautiful. I was telling my mum yesterday how much I'm looking forward to mine next year! I think a lavender liner would be lovely :) xx

  2. The dress is beautiful! Sure you will look gorgeous, keep your make up really light and glowy!

  3. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? x

  4. Hi Anastasia thank you :) Lavender liner it is :) x

    Hi Shen thank you :) thank you for your advice! x

    Thanks Laura, will do :) x


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