Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

"What is this cute little pink pot I hear you ask??"

Its the new super quick life/time saver (yes. really) nail polish remover from Bourjous. 

I love nail polish and if you're like me and you change your nail colour constantly then this products just for you! The one pain about painting your nails is having to take it off; I can never find any cotton wool pads, the constant rubbing to no avail, oh and don't get me started on glitter polish! So after using this 'magic' product my life, yes, has definitely become just a bit little easier. 

Unscrewing the cap reveals the inside of the bottle containing a soft black sponge with a hole in the middle. Simply insert your finger, one nail at a time into the sponge soaked with nourishing almond oil and nail polish remover- both acetone and paraben free, after a few twists and your good to go, a nail polish free nail in seconds. Depending on how many coats of nail polish you have you may need another quick dip. 

The nourishing almond oil is in my opinion the best part, its leaves my nails feeling smooth with an almost moisturised feel,which is heaven, instead of that dry brittle feeling other removers leave you with. 

The smell is quite strange, not bad, a lot better than other potent nail polish removers. However, it still has quite a strong scent, its almost masked by the aroma of red fruit and vanilla. But really its nothing to complain about :) its the best smelling remover by far. 

Overall this product in my view is a MUST HAVE for all us nail polish junkies :) 

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  1. i can't wait to pick this up, i wonder how long a pot lasts though?

  2. I've been looking for a proper review on this for ages! Might have to pick some up myself to stop me from peeling the polish off instead! How is it with glitter polish?

  3. Hi Shen - I was thinking the same thing, unfortunately I cant answer but what I can say is don't knock it over like i did oops, I think I lost quite a fair bit of the liquid :( The pot contains 75ML of fluid which is absorbed into the sponge. In my opinion I think it will last along time unless you spill it :) as you don't waste any on cotton pads etc like traditional remover. Hope that helps :) xx

    Hi Robyn - It takes a few more dips with glitter polish but no where as long as it would take to remove with my other nail polish removers, i'd say 3-4 dips and twists for a really stubborn glitter polish :) xx

  4. Arrrggghhh I keep trying to get my hands on this but they are always sold out :(


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