Thursday, 12 April 2012

Onça - Luxury in a Supplement

Its that time of year again, fitness DVD’s are purchased, gym memberships are brought and all the good intentions begin; all in the hopes of shaping up for summer. I hold my hands up, I too am looking ahead to the summer months and the dreaded task of getting in a bikini eek. Maybe that last Easter egg wasn’t the best idea!

I mentioned a few post ago that I have been trying to ‘cleanse from the inside’, so I jumped to the opportunity of try out the natural supplement from ONÇA.

Onça aspires 'to give people worldwide a sense of living beyond luxury, a heightened feeling of beauty, energy and well being' as a result of their superior supplement consisting of 2 drinks per day. The natural supplement created from a blend of Amazonian fruits claims to generate optimum beauty and energy when taken in the form of two drinks per day, by day, energizing, cleansing and detoxifies, and by night, supporting the body’s recovery, rebuilding body cells.

The supplement is filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids anti-oxidants which in turn increase the levels of collagen in the body improving the skins appearance, health and also reducing cellulite! What’s more it promotes better sleep, improves anxiety and aids weight loss.

The morning supplement contains ingredients including Guarana, helping fight away the feeling of fatigue, Biotin, supporting skin renewal, hair, nails and nerves, Camu-Camu ,a fruit with more than 80 times the Vitamin C of an orange. All of which as I mentioned help to energize, cleanses, detoxifies and creates a sense of harmony and well being.

The evening drink supports the bodys recovery while sleeping, it contains wild passion fruit reinforcing health, beauty and the body cells, as well as promoting calmness and relaxation providing reductions in stress, anxiety and insomnia.


Superior anti ageing properties
Healthy, shiny hair
Speeds metabolism
Strengthens your immune system 
Great for eye health, joint flexibility and reducing allergic reactions
Strengthening bones and teeth. 

I had the opportunity to try out 3 days worth of ONÇA. The morning supplement I added to almond milk, which I drank with my breakfast, it was pleasant in taste with just a slight herbal taste. The evening supplement was my favourite, again I added it to almond milk, and the taste was fruitier which I preferred. Overall from just a 3-day trial I felt healthier; I definitely slept better with more energy and vitality in the day.

ONÇA is available at costing £156 for a month’s supply.


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