Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pinspire, The Website That Keeps On Giving

Need inspiration for an outfit, room decor, new hairstyle or to keep up to date with the latest trends? Pinspire will be your new best friend, offering you all these and much more! Pinspire is a website where you can create your own personal 'scrapbook' of inspiring images, a perfect way to log helpful hints and ideas to come back to.

Once you sign up to Pinspire  ( which is totally free :) ) you can start browsing the endless inspiring images which link back the the owners source, their blog, website or article. This addictive new website allows you to share inspirational photos, tips and ideas through images, with all the other members of the Pinspire community. With users worldwide there's inspiration for everyone and everything.

To create your own Pins simply add the Pin button to your bookmark bar, go to the website and the image/page you wish to Pin, press your new bookmark Pin button and voila. You can organise your Pins into albums, where other users can make
comments, like them, even rePin them adding them to their Pin collections. 

Not only is it great to find inspiration, new blogs, tips and tricks, its also a fantastic way to open up your blog posts to a worldwide community. When a user clicks on your Pinned photo they are linked back to the source; your blog post, helping them to get to know you, the blogger, and to see the other post you have written. 

What do you think of Pinspire? Are you thinking of joining this inspirational communitiy? Do you already have a Pinspire collection? Leave me a comment i'd love to know!


  1. I have to be honest and say that I have a real problem with Pinspire. It is an absolute copy of the website Pinterest.

    The people behind Pinspire are a bunch of crooks who take US websites that haven’t gone international and rip them off basically.

    This article explains more:

    If I hadn’t already known about Pinterest I would probably be interested in Pinspire as I’d be none the wiser, but this has got me very angry that they’re blatantly copying an already established website for their own benefit/profit. These are men that do this to a bunch of well known websites before they have become majorly big and then reap the rewards themselves.

    It saddens me that they're getting bloggers to promote them (absolutely no offence to you Holly, you weren't to know).

    I'm so loyal to Pinterest as you can tell, and most of the members are outraged that this has happened :(

  2. Marina - Oh gosh I've never heard of Pinterest :S Thank you for your comment x

  3. i also have had a pinterest for a few months and loved it, pinspire completely ripped it off :/ shame!.x

  4. Pinspire actully a nice thing. I am in pinspire more than one month. Its not at all a copy of pinterest. Pinspire, pinterest and all are the things under same idea. pinspire is really cool. In china also lot of pinterest clones and pinspire clones are launched. In india a famous company called cogzidel technologies also produced excellent featured pinterest clone.

  5. Nothing bad about pinspire, actually its so nice its the best clone of pinterest. It reached all over the world in a very short time. Lot of Custom web development company were trying to release new pinterest clone script Hats of to Pinspire.


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