Wednesday, 8 February 2012

January Favourites

In the months running up to christmas I found myself getting in a makeup and skin care rut. I was super stressed out with Uni and my brain couldn't handle much else, so things just became routine. Since things have eased up a tiny bit with the start of a new term and a better organisational work routine :) I've been slowly recovering from my comfort makeup routine and gradually stepping outside my comfort zone. 

I'm also including some non beauty favourites in this months post as I typically like hearing about these bits and bobs too, and hopefully you guys will as well :) 

In January I couldn't get enough of ....

Liz Earle Super Skin Concentrate - The best thing for my skin in these cold winter months, an official skinsaver!

Burberry Body Perfume - This is my little tester version as I can't quite afford to buy a brand new perfume at the moment

Twinings Herbal Tea - I can't take caffeine and herbal tea has now become my newest addiction :)

Clinique Air Brush Concealer - This has been fabulous at covering up my stress breakouts, its now an every day staple. 

Liz Earle Spot On - Again another product to help in the fight against my stress breakouts, its amazing but the strong tea tree smell takes getting use to 

Yankee Candle Tart Home Sweet Home - I recently brought myself a tart warmer/aromatherapy oil burner and to go with it I decided to treat myself to some Yankee Candle tarts. The tarts melt and give off a scent, as an alternative to burning scented candles ( I've recently read quite a few horror articles about the toxins in wicked scented candles )

Garnier Roll On Anti Dark Circles - The perfect step to concealing the tell tale signs of too many late nights. One roll under each eye and a quick blend until you're good to go!

Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume - I asked my Dad to pick this up for me on a recent trip he had to America and I am unbelievably impressed. When it comes to mascara I am highly critical as its one of my most favourite parts of my makeup routine. This new addition has blown me away and has fast become my FAVOURITE mascara. It defines, lengthens and doesn't leave any clumpiness what so ever! 

Thanks for reading :) Did you have any must have favourite products in the month of January? I'd love to hear about your most loved products :)


  1. Great post xxx A few of my faves on there too xx
    I wanted to invite you to check out my fab 200 follower giveaway the winner will receive £50 Mac products of their choice and a fantastic OPI designer nail polish xx Maybe we could follow each other through twitter,GFC and bloglovin xx Hope to see you over at my blog xx

  2. I'm LOVING Sanctuary Spa Therapist Oil. You MUST try it, my skin was spotty and red and awful and it cleared it up! Have no idea why or the science behind but my skin looks so good at the moment. Just a little bit over my night cream and within a week it looked like different skin!

  3. Lipstick Fridays - Thanks for your comment :) yes will definitely pop over to your blog :) thanks! x

    Shen - Ooooh great! Thanks for the recommendation :) I'm really in to face oils at the moment, i'll have to try this one out. Thanks x


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