Sunday, 12 February 2012

Channelling Chanel

There have been many an opportunity when being classed as a 'Student' has come in handy and worked out to my advantage, especially when on a student budget. The 'Student Discounts' are the one perk I will definately miss once I have graduated, so I plan to make the most of it :) well thats my excuse anyway!

I have been eyeing up handbags way way way over my budget, just lusting, not actually planning on buying :) Its become quite an obsession lately, bags and shoes have become my weaknesses. However, with my new found knowledge from devouring countless designer collection I have become quite good at finding more affordable 'look-a-likes'.

Needing...well ok not needing but in mood a new bag for Uni I decided to pop into a few shops on my walk home last week. I was strolling past Oasis, a shop I don't tend to go in normally but was hooked in by 'Students get 20% off' Oooh yes please. Does anyone else usually find Oasis a little overpriced? Straight over to the bags I see this to die for black bag, perfect for all my needs:

Lots of pockets for things to get lost in ( I love Marry Poppins bags :) ) ✓ Check 
Big enough to fit an A4 lined pad ✓ Check 
Comfy strap ✓ Check 
Goes with most outfits ✓ Check 
Affordable ✓ check 

And with my 20% discount the Liverpool Street bag orgionally £35 cost me £28 :) I couldn't have been happier. Whats even better is how slightly similar it is to the Channel executive tote bag I had been pining over! It may not be the real thing but i'm channelling my inner chanel :)  

Have you been lusting over any 'out of your budget' items recently? Have you found any amazing affordable options? I love to hear from all you savvy shoppers! 

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  1. Gorgeous bag holly! I have to agree though, Oasis is sometime ridiculously priced for what it is.
    Jem x

  2. I've been debating over ordering this for the last couple of weeks! You'll be able to help me with the deciding factor :D
    Are the handles long enough to wear on your shoulder or does it need to be handheld?

    Mollie xo

  3. Catherine - Thanks :) Glad you like it too! x

    Brush up and Make-up - Thanks :) . I know sometimes its ridiculous! But now and again if your savvy you can find a gem lol. x

    MissMollie - Its a great bag, yes you can wear it on your shoulder but its a tight fit if you're wearing a thick coat, it has a longer over the shoulder strap thats detachable which is handy. I'd totally recommend getting it you wont regret it! :) Let me know if you purchase it :) x

  4. I purchased the bag and it arrived today! I'm so in love with it and you're right, it's so similar to the Chanel Exec Tote. Sending huge thankyou's your way for this post!

    Mollie xo

  5. I also have an eye for the expensive. One thing I got keen on was getting samples from some of the high end cosmetics. I know there are lots of them out there, but the skin care I use actually started doing free samples!


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