Monday, 23 January 2012

New Shoes :)

I have to confess...I'm not much of a shoe girl (oh the shock!), so for me to have purchased 3 pairs of new shoes within the last month or so is pretty rare. I think it all comes down to how fussy I am, you could class my shoe criteria as more than a little demanding. Plus my feet are uber sensitive so usually comfort is my main issue when it comes to shoe shopping. 

The first pair I purchased aren't exactly practical for the winter months but boy oh boy these fit and wear like a dream! And thats not even the best part! These only set me back £7.99 from New Look...I love them so much I think I might be cheeky and maybe buy another pair in a different style. 
'Quick little disclaimer - For some odd reason my camera is tinting these images I took yellow apologies for that, and if anyone knows why or how to correct this please let me know :) '

 The next pair I have been eyeing up for weeks, I got my sneaky little fix of these, catching a glimpse of them in the shop window display each time I walked passed on my way to Uni during my exam period. Once I finished my January exams I decided to treat myself, as a little reward for managing to say sane lol. Again sorry about the yellow tinge. 

These grandad style loafers are perfect for adding a little jazz to a plain simple outfit. I got these from Next for £22, but be careful I found they came up a little small. I went 1/2 a size up :) . 

The high heel. Not my best friends when it comes to shoes, I think I need a little more practise when it come to walking in them. But don't worry Im not so bad that I might injure myself....well it hasn't happened yet!

 These I brought from Dorothy Perkins on a 'pick me up' whim and Im really glad I did. I adore the platform, chunky heel style, with the mock alligator skin detailing on the heel and front platform. 

To help my feet stay happy on a night out I use the gel party feet, my absolute necessity when it come to heels. 

Have you brought any new shoes lately? Are you a shoe person...? Or if not whats your weakness when it comes to spending? Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. oooh i love the leopards, Im not daring enough though. those heels are stunning also. great taste!

  2. Hi Laura.Blogs.Beauty - They're a bit daring for me too lol but i've got used to wearing them now, I adore them :) Thanks for your comment :) x

  3. Love the leopards too, I really want a pair of those 'smoking slipper' type shoes. I know what you mean about heels, I guess it's all about practice! I don't really need heels, being pretty tall, but I feel like I'm missing out sometimes :)


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