Monday, 2 January 2012

My New Year Resolutions

We all hope to start the new year with good intentions and a fresh outlook on life. I love how the beginning of a new year can bring you hope and optimism to change things in your life for the better. I find myself spending hours thing and making new years resolutions. Are they as important to you? :) 

My New Year Resolutions

1. To be more healthy (isnt this everyones aim at the start of the new is for me anyway lol) especially after a rather indulgent christmas! I want to try to eat more fruit and vegetables as well as drinking more water

2. To find a good sleep/night time routine, I've recently got into a bad pattern of sleeping terribly and if you know me I NEED my sleep :) 

3. I want to try to use my closet more effectively, I'm terrible for getting stuck in my comfy clothing rut and have some clothing items with the tag still on (shameful!) 

4. I really want to try to stay in touch with people more and make more of an effort to keep in touch...not just the odd text message but more writing old style letters. I love receiving post and a there's nothing better than receiving a personal letter from a friend. This might require a trip to Paperchase :) for cute stationary. 

5. And finally to be more kind to others, I'd quite like to get back into volunteering and making time to help others. Even if its taking a DVD to a friends house for a girly night to cheer her up after a bad day or offering to do someones laundry if they're overwhelmed with deadlines. 

Do you have or do you make any new year resolutions? If you do i'd love to know what they are :) I can always add a few more to my list! 

May all your dreams come true :) 

x X x


  1. I love your resolutions, they've got me thinking I should add a few more to mine! I write to a friend every week but recently have been delaying as i've been so busy! I must get into this again as i do love it! Here were my resolutions... xx

  2. Hi Katie, Thanks for your lovely comment :) There's nothing better than receiving a letter in the post from a friend :) Looking forward to reading your resolutions - might have to add a few to my list :) xxx


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