Wednesday, 25 January 2012

False Eyelashes...Are you all in a flutter? Which ones suit your eye shape the best?

One size/style doesn't necessary fit all, we all recognize this when it comes to clothes; certain cuts or styles of clothes works better on certain body types better than others. We'll have you ever thought this might be the same for false eyelashes? Me neither, I fully hold my hands up to say that I wasn't truly aware that one type of false eyelash might suit my friend more than me because of differences in eye shape and face shape. Why was I never told this? Well don't worry I'm going to share :)

What can be disheartening is unlike when we go shopping and try on styles to decide on what suits us, when it comes to false eyelashes its pretty much trial and error. Hopefully these tips of what styles of lashes to try might help.

For Small Eyes 

Are your eyes proportionally smaller than the rest of your features on your face? If so you may wish to choose lashes that help to elongate and make your eyes appear larger. Its best to select lashes that look as natural as possible, thick, heavy long false eyelashes will only accentuate your small eye shape. Shorter length lashes will help to make your eyes look more open. One or two individual lashes on the outer corners of each eye can create a cat like shape to add length to your eyes. Also a quick tip for using up false eyelashes that you already have is to cut them into two and use 1/2 a lash on the outer corners. 
Try Ardell Strip Lashes 110 Demi Black,  MAC 31 Lash, or Eyelure Individual Lashes.

For Larger Eyes 

If your eyes are the more pronounced, dominating feature you can opt for lashes that are fuller and thicker in style. You can also choose lashes that are longer in length. 
Try Ardell Strip Lashes 105 Black, or MAC 36 Lash.

For Round Eyes

Are your eyes larger and more open, if so try a false lash style that’s demure, but still quite full. Applying the false lashes to the outer corner of your eye only will also help to create the illusion of elongated eyes, making them look more almond-shape in appearance.

Try Ardell Strip Lashes 109 Demi, or MAC 2 Lash.

For Almond Shaped Eyes

Most false eyelash styles will look great with your eye shape, there’s no reason you cant go all out with a dramatic look with some full, thick lashes? 

Try Ardell Strip Lashes 138 Black, or MAC 3 Lash.

I hope these quick types come in handy :) 



  1. I love false lashes but had never really thought about what really suits my eye shape. Thanks to your guide though, I'm going to try some fuller lashes for my next night out! Thanks :)

  2. Hi Robyn, :) thanks i'm glad you liked my post, have fun looking for your new lashes :) x


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