Wednesday, 25 January 2012

False Eyelashes...Are you all in a flutter? Which ones suit your eye shape the best?

One size/style doesn't necessary fit all, we all recognize this when it comes to clothes; certain cuts or styles of clothes works better on certain body types better than others. We'll have you ever thought this might be the same for false eyelashes? Me neither, I fully hold my hands up to say that I wasn't truly aware that one type of false eyelash might suit my friend more than me because of differences in eye shape and face shape. Why was I never told this? Well don't worry I'm going to share :)

What can be disheartening is unlike when we go shopping and try on styles to decide on what suits us, when it comes to false eyelashes its pretty much trial and error. Hopefully these tips of what styles of lashes to try might help.

For Small Eyes 

Are your eyes proportionally smaller than the rest of your features on your face? If so you may wish to choose lashes that help to elongate and make your eyes appear larger. Its best to select lashes that look as natural as possible, thick, heavy long false eyelashes will only accentuate your small eye shape. Shorter length lashes will help to make your eyes look more open. One or two individual lashes on the outer corners of each eye can create a cat like shape to add length to your eyes. Also a quick tip for using up false eyelashes that you already have is to cut them into two and use 1/2 a lash on the outer corners. 
Try Ardell Strip Lashes 110 Demi Black,  MAC 31 Lash, or Eyelure Individual Lashes.

For Larger Eyes 

If your eyes are the more pronounced, dominating feature you can opt for lashes that are fuller and thicker in style. You can also choose lashes that are longer in length. 
Try Ardell Strip Lashes 105 Black, or MAC 36 Lash.

For Round Eyes

Are your eyes larger and more open, if so try a false lash style that’s demure, but still quite full. Applying the false lashes to the outer corner of your eye only will also help to create the illusion of elongated eyes, making them look more almond-shape in appearance.

Try Ardell Strip Lashes 109 Demi, or MAC 2 Lash.

For Almond Shaped Eyes

Most false eyelash styles will look great with your eye shape, there’s no reason you cant go all out with a dramatic look with some full, thick lashes? 

Try Ardell Strip Lashes 138 Black, or MAC 3 Lash.

I hope these quick types come in handy :) 


Monday, 23 January 2012

New Shoes :)

I have to confess...I'm not much of a shoe girl (oh the shock!), so for me to have purchased 3 pairs of new shoes within the last month or so is pretty rare. I think it all comes down to how fussy I am, you could class my shoe criteria as more than a little demanding. Plus my feet are uber sensitive so usually comfort is my main issue when it comes to shoe shopping. 

The first pair I purchased aren't exactly practical for the winter months but boy oh boy these fit and wear like a dream! And thats not even the best part! These only set me back £7.99 from New Look...I love them so much I think I might be cheeky and maybe buy another pair in a different style. 
'Quick little disclaimer - For some odd reason my camera is tinting these images I took yellow apologies for that, and if anyone knows why or how to correct this please let me know :) '

 The next pair I have been eyeing up for weeks, I got my sneaky little fix of these, catching a glimpse of them in the shop window display each time I walked passed on my way to Uni during my exam period. Once I finished my January exams I decided to treat myself, as a little reward for managing to say sane lol. Again sorry about the yellow tinge. 

These grandad style loafers are perfect for adding a little jazz to a plain simple outfit. I got these from Next for £22, but be careful I found they came up a little small. I went 1/2 a size up :) . 

The high heel. Not my best friends when it comes to shoes, I think I need a little more practise when it come to walking in them. But don't worry Im not so bad that I might injure myself....well it hasn't happened yet!

 These I brought from Dorothy Perkins on a 'pick me up' whim and Im really glad I did. I adore the platform, chunky heel style, with the mock alligator skin detailing on the heel and front platform. 

To help my feet stay happy on a night out I use the gel party feet, my absolute necessity when it come to heels. 

Have you brought any new shoes lately? Are you a shoe person...? Or if not whats your weakness when it comes to spending? Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Friday, 20 January 2012

Nails Of The Day : Nubar Petunia Sparkles

I can't get enough of Nubar's Petunia Sparkles at the moment, its been my go to nail colour for weeks. I love how eye catching it is, yet not too in your face at the same time...if that makes any sense to anyone! 

The shade is gorgeous, the shear fuchsia base gives the glitter a great foundation that allows it to last for a long time without chipping as well as creating a punch full of dense glitter. The formula is amazing and I think because of this and the fact that their shade range is amazing that it has now been crowned my favourite nail polish brand. It barely needs two coats for the packed glitter finish. The end result is also not too shiny but almost a little matte which I quite like, it doesn't over do the sparkles so that its all too much. 

I think that this shade was from the 2010 summer collection but with its slight deep fuchsia shade I'm allowing myself to wear this all year round :) 

Monday, 16 January 2012

My New Flat and Storage Ideas

You might not have known that I moved into a new flat late November last year and with my exams and University commitments settling in and making the place feel homely has taken a little while. I feel i've got things to a good place at the moment...not exactly how I want it/not finished but anyway I thought I would share with you some storage/organisation ideas :) 
Hope you find it helpful :) 

Bookcase that my mum gave me, she painted and distressed it and I love it! Thanks mum :) 
The I brought the storage boxes I I kinda when a little bit crazy and they weren't cheap but totally worth every penny! I didn't want them all to match so I brought lots of co ordinating different styles. I wanted my living room to feel very boutique looking, with bits and bobs and added fashion touches - like my favourite pair of shoes :) I think the black and while photograph hat boxes are my favourite

I love the raised velvet detailing. The pink tea light holders I was given for my birthday some a friend, they add a lovely girly touch. 

The rose box is the biggest. The silver trinket boxes add a touch of something different to contrast. 

Some book I got for christmas :)

In my bedroom I have my tall mirror laying against the wall, I love this look. I didn't want to nail it to the wall, plus it means I can move it around easily if I fancy a change :) 
The wardrobe is a little short for long dresses but it has ample space for clothes and the bottom drawer is where I store my makeup :)

The chest of drawers was originally black and again my mum painted it before giving it to me. I really wanted to put some new handles on but unfortunately they are two holed fittings not one so it wouldn't work. Never mind I love it none the less :) In the small box stack I store my jewellery. I also store my brushes in vase glasses and my perfumes on the top. 


Here's my desk, I can stand small desk as I like a lot of space when im studying etc. I chose this table which is actually a kitchen table as it has plenty of room for my laptop and space to work as well. Its a frosted glass top with metal legs. The chair is something I have wanted for ages, its plastic perspex which helps to give illusion that its not taking up as much space. 
The small shelving unit holds all my DVD's and the alcove to the right is where I store my text books. 

This wooden chest is great for storage, its where I keep my bedding and other bits and bobs hidden away. The throw was my bargain purchase from Primark and the sequinned cushion i've had for years. 

Hope this was helpful and gave you some inspirational tips on how to organise/save space. My plans now are to change the awful carpet and paint the walls :) I'll update you when everything is complete. 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Free Clinique Mascara

 When it comes to mascaras the cosmetic companies mainly have the upper hand. There's no way of trying out the product before you buy so a lot of the time its hit or miss, which can be rather frustrating. 

Sometimes more high end companies offer a free sample of their newest mascaras, I think this is perfect as often they can be a bit more expensive than their drug store competition. 

From Saturday 14th January 2012 take in any full-size old mascara to a Boots Clinique counter and you'll be given a deluxe Clinique mascara sample in exchange!

There's a choice of two mascara samples:

 High Lengths (5ml)

 and High Impact (4ml)

They're about half the size of the normal ones (7 and 8ml). 

Good luck and fingers crossed they'll be enough to go around :) 

Monday, 2 January 2012

My New Year Resolutions

We all hope to start the new year with good intentions and a fresh outlook on life. I love how the beginning of a new year can bring you hope and optimism to change things in your life for the better. I find myself spending hours thing and making new years resolutions. Are they as important to you? :) 

My New Year Resolutions

1. To be more healthy (isnt this everyones aim at the start of the new is for me anyway lol) especially after a rather indulgent christmas! I want to try to eat more fruit and vegetables as well as drinking more water

2. To find a good sleep/night time routine, I've recently got into a bad pattern of sleeping terribly and if you know me I NEED my sleep :) 

3. I want to try to use my closet more effectively, I'm terrible for getting stuck in my comfy clothing rut and have some clothing items with the tag still on (shameful!) 

4. I really want to try to stay in touch with people more and make more of an effort to keep in touch...not just the odd text message but more writing old style letters. I love receiving post and a there's nothing better than receiving a personal letter from a friend. This might require a trip to Paperchase :) for cute stationary. 

5. And finally to be more kind to others, I'd quite like to get back into volunteering and making time to help others. Even if its taking a DVD to a friends house for a girly night to cheer her up after a bad day or offering to do someones laundry if they're overwhelmed with deadlines. 

Do you have or do you make any new year resolutions? If you do i'd love to know what they are :) I can always add a few more to my list! 

May all your dreams come true :) 

x X x


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