Saturday, 17 December 2011

Shoe Decorations - Bring The 'Bling' Back

Perfect for the christmas season...BlingBacks add a touch of glitz and glamour to any outfit. An inexpensive way to jazz up an outfit to help you feel in the festive mood. 

Blingbacks are jewellery for your shoes, they can be pinned onto any pair of shoes without leaving a mark! Ideal for reinventing those shoes you have gathering dust at the back of your closet, now you can give them a shiny makeover and breathe life back into your unloved shoes! 

They come in a variety of designs and colours perfect for any party you have in mind. 
Stars, clusters, bows whatever takes your fancy :) my favourite has to be the bejewelled stars!

What do you think of these? Are they something you'd think of wearing this party season? Will you be recycling any neglected heels? :) 

They're available for £12-14 from Debenhams, Asos and Amazon 

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