Friday, 23 December 2011

Jennifer Aniston Perfume

You simply can't get away from celebrity endorsed perfumes, they're everywhere. Some good and some shockingly awful, however not all celebrity fragrances should be shunted and Jennifer Aniston is one to try. 

Since growing up, watching re-runs of the well known American TV sitcom Friends I've developed a huge soft spot for Jennifer. Embarrassingly, I actually wrote a speech on why she was a role model to me for a speech competition when I was in my first year of secondary school, cringe! Did anyone else dread these as much as me?! 

Jennifer Aniston actually released her perfume back in 2010 but I've only really just got around to sniffing it out. Her vision for her first perfume was intended to be 'sexy, clean and to  create memories of the beach, of vacation and of falling in love' and most of all 'to smell unique on everyones skin'

I really love the design of the perfume bottle, its actually fits really well with her intended vision. The bottles architecture definitely reminds me of the ocean, its very clean and organic looking. 

As for the scent its fresh, balanced, musky white, floral with a touch of citrus. I would be more likely to wear this in the summer but to be honest I quite like wearing it on a casual day to lift my mood, in an attempt to remind me of summer in these cold and wet winter days. I found that I lasted pretty well throughout the day, however I would say that its not as memorable as my other perfumes. Its quite a safe everyday scent, very pleasant and elegant. 

Overall I'm pretty pleased with Miss Aniston's perfume and most importantly it looks lovely on my dressing table! :) 

Have you ever tried Jen's perfume, did you rate it? What's you're favourite signature scent? and do you change your perfumes with the seasons? I'd love to hear from you :) 



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