Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Cocktail

If you're anything like me and love anything chocolately then you have to try this Christmas cocktail! I made this last friday with some of my friends to celebrate the end of our winter term at University and they went down a treat! 

To make this yummy treat you'll need:

❄ Vodka
❄ Hot chocolate
❄ Ice
❄ Cocktail glasses
❄ A bar of your favourite chocolate
❄ Milk 
❄ And a cocktail shaker (but this isn't a necessity)

Serves 6-8

First make 3 mugs of hot chocolate using your hot chocolate mix and milk

Then leave to cool 

Next crush some ice and add this to your cocktail shaker along with some vodka we used about a 3/4 of a mug as we didn't want it to be too alcoholic, but you can add as much or as 
little as you want...taste as you go :)


Add the cold 'hot' chocolate


Then pour into glasses with chocolate shavings to decorate...we even went a little bit more 
decadent and melted some chocolate to swirl on top


Have fun hope you enjoy :) 

Merry Christmas 

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  1. Looks delicious! I love choclate and this is a lot more exciting that just having hot chocolate! think I will be trying this tonight!



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