Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wow Moments of Beauty – 'Colour Bugs by Kevin Murphy'

Have YOU go the COLOUR BUG?

The dip- dye trend is huge right now, bright haired celebs have been ‘pop’ping up with amazingly colorful hair shades. From one of the first trend setters; Katy Perry with her bright blue barnet seen in her California Girls music video, to Jessie J and you cant mention dramatic hair without thinking of Lady Gaga. But if like us normal folk, pulling off bright hair 24/7 or having to explain to your boss your new permanent hair statement may be slightly challenging? Then these new little beauties will become your new best friend!

Australian session stylist Kevin Murphy has created an extremely innovative hair ‘makeup’ product; the Colour Bugs, offering intensely coloured hair shadows that you can wash out the next day without any colour left behind. These temporary hair shadows cost £12.95. To apply simply run some mouse or wax depending on the intensity you want (the more texturized the product the more strong the colour) to the area you wish to ‘colour’. Then with ease run the colour bug over the section of chosen hair. The colour bug resembles that of a bar of soap and voila a packed punch of pure intense colour. To lock in the colour for a more long lasting wear, all you have to do is spritz with hairspray. Oh and don't worry, once its dry the colour wont transfer to your clothes..phew!

To take off just wash awat with your normal everyday shampoo, I can’t wait to buy me one of these…im thinking purple or pink or maybe even both. Whats more the colour bug works on the darkest of hair shades too!

To find out more and for a demo of the colour bug click the above picture to watch Kevin Murphy himself apply the colour bug to 3 different hair shades and hairstyles.

Avaliable in Pink, Purple and Orange

What are your thoughts on these? Would you use them? I'd love to know what you think :) 

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  1. I loved it when I had my purple hair! Maybe I'll try one of those to get my purple hair fix back!

    I wonder thou how it will look with the dark hair?

  2. Hi TarteAuxFraises - Ohh yes you should :) if you click on the last image it should take you to a podcast video of Kevin Murphy applying the colour bug to a dark hair, its the second person in and a mid toned shade is the last person he applies it to. You'll be surprised how bright it still come out! :) x

  3. omg these seem amazing!! :O
    i want one!!

  4. Hi MrAJBx3 - I know me too!! :) I wonder how long the bar of colour lasts..trying to find out how many applications you can do roughly x

  5. I want them all! I've always wanted to dye my hair a bright colour but didn't know if I would suit it. I now need one of these! :D
    Great post by the way!

  6. you say the hairstylist who made this is australian
    but can we find these in europe also
    great post
    keep up the wonderful work you are doing here
    come and say hi
    Always Following&Commenting
    The Dolls Factory

  7. If it turns out the pink one does work on dark hair, I am so there!!!

  8. Asmaa- Thanks, Yes its a great product to 'test' the colours before permanently dying it :) I hope it suits you :) x

    TheDollsFactory - Yes you can buy them online from here

    Thank you for your lovely comment :) glad you like my blog :) x

    Rachel - Have you seen the video? It seems to look and work great on dark hair :) x


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