Monday, 28 November 2011

Weekend Winter Hair Rescue

Boy oh boy its seems like a distant memory when I think back to the last time I posted a new blog post. With my internet setup less than half an hour old, the only and first thing I wanted to do was blog, finally i'm getting my much craved fix! Ok ok enough about my internet pa-lava and onto all things beauty. 

First. My hair. It hasn't been looking its best recently, not really any direct fault of my own but to that of new medication...the dreaded side effects. So this weekend I gave my locks some much needed pampering, in hope of turning a corner and in starting a new rescue hair care routine. 

In this months (November) Glossy Box I received much to my delight a dream hair care product, it must be fate! And I love love LOVE it! I had never had the pleasure of trying anything from Philp Kingsley haircare line before using the 'Elasticizer', so I wasn't too sure what to expect. Elasticizer is an intensive, super moisturising pre- shampoo treatment designed for use on all hair types. Claiming to add elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine, all the things my hair was lacking. I simply applied a large pea sized amount of the thick creamy product throughout wet hair and left it to work its magical powers under a shower cap for about 15 minutes. Then finishing off with using my normal shampoo as usual. Afterwards my hair felt super moisturised, healthy and full of life without feeling weighted down. Overall a really impressive product and my hair is truly grateful. 

Another glossy box goody from a previous box 'Harmony' by Neal and Wolf was whipped out to becomee apart of my weekend pampering. From the first time trying this intensive conditioner I was impressed and so I was in no doubt to include this in my haircare recovery session. After shampooing out the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer I massaged the Harmony conditioner into my hair and again left under a shower cap for about 5 minutes. This product smells incredible and always leaves a soft, healthy sheen to my hair. A definite must have indulgent hair treatment. 

I rarely blow dry my hair but when I do for a touch of glamour volume I make sure to use heat protectant. My favourite go to heat protectant has to be VO5 because of its easy to use, sprayable application which applies a fine mist of product evenly throughout my hair. It also smells great as well as calming down fly aways and unwanted frizz. 

The final step to my weekend hair rescue operation was VO5's Miracle Concentrate. This product has seen so much love that I've repurchased it many times. Its a quick, easy and inexpensive pick me up for your hair, applying a drop or two to the ends of your hair can work wonders. I sometimes apply it to wet hair or dry hair, I find when I use it on wet hair my hair dries a lot faster which is an added bonus. The argon oil hydrates and helps fight against damaging free radicals. My only caution is a little goes a long way! 

Hopefully with a few repeats of this decadent routine my hair will be on the road to recovery. Any hair care treats or must haves you'd recommend? Have you tried any of these products too? If so Id love to hear from you. 


  1. I'm sure your hair is in love with you again after this pamper session! It can really make such a difference after just one session. I'm glad you felt the results right away! xxx

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  2. I was gutted I didn't get the pre-shampoo treatment in my glossybox! :( the VO5 oil is good too but I always get it everywhere haha I prefer the Lee Stafford Argan Oil one now, it's amazing! :) xxx

  3. Ooo, I missed out on the elasticizer in my Glossybox as well, seems like a really nice product!

  4. thanks for this post! my hair is a mess recently... it also needs some pampering! will be purchasing these products for sure ;)


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