Wednesday, 9 November 2011

NOTD and I Finally Moved in!

Yep you heard it right! I finally moved in phew only issue left to tackle now is the internet...3 weeks till someone can set it up?! Well I can tell you this wasnt the best of news, so again blog posting is going to be an issue :( just when I thought things were looking up. Nonetheless I will try to get as many blog posts up and as frequently as I can :) and once i'm all sorted moving in and making the place more 'me' i'll be doing a room/flat post :)

So today I decided to do something a bit different with my nails, I fancied a change. My previous post was about December issues of magazine freebies and I mentioned that Glamour were giving away a free Nails Inc nail varnish. I picked up Basil Street a gorgeous pink toned light brown and I couldnt be more pleased with my choice, did anyone else buy Glamour if so which nail polish shade did you manage to pick up?

I decided on a twist of the french manicure; the Nails Inc Basil Street nude brown as a base and black tips. Hope you like it :)

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  1. Love the clever twist you've put on those nails Holly. Really love it. I've never really been particularly creative, but I'm trying out some new nail varnish patterns etc! It's always fun to be creative!


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