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September Favourites 2011

I'm so glad Autumn has started to feel a bit more like Autumn now! Last weeks crazy heat wave threw me...I had been looking forward to wearing all my winter clothes and had packed away all my summer bits and bobs only to have to dig them out again..although really who's complaining! Now that the bitter winds have begun I've been enjoying snuggling up at night with a hot mug of tea :) but not so much having to walk in the cold and rain to my morning lectures. I'm back at Uni now and so my mornings are pretty rushed and sadly doing my makeup has been allocated a 5 minute slot. So lets get on to my most used and all time favourites of last month :) 

No. 7 Quick Thinking Makeup Removing Wipes 4 in 1 

Paying £7 for a pack of face wipes does sound a little OTT but in conjunction with a Boots £5 No. 7 voucher £2 is a little more to my liking. But seriously these ARE the best face wipes I have ever used and I've tried my fair share of makeup removing wipes. I seem to be a bit unfaithful in the makeup wipe department, I just never seem to commit to one brand. Having said that I would give up my reckless ways for these. My face has never felt so soft and loved...seriously baby's bottom soft here! They remove my makeup with ease without leaving any feeling of a nasty residue on my face. Sadly the price tag that comes with these puts me off, but I'm planning on buying a backup with my last No. 7 voucher. 

Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream 

I got this with my September Boudoir Prive box. Its claimed to be the current it skincare brand used by Kate Middleton herself. Again another gorgeous product with a hefty price tag that doesn't come cheap, £90 for 15ml is no way fitting into my student budget. Luckily eye creams last a long time as you only need a pea sized amount for each application, so this little pot will keep my the skin around my eyes hydrated and de puffed for a few more weeks (hoping desperately). The formula is luxuriously light but packed full of  moisture and it feel lovely and cooling on the skin. 

No. 7 Lash Adapt Mascara

Another No.7 voucher purchase, boy have Boots have got me! When I was first told about this new mascara from the No.7 lady I was a bit skeptical, 'up to 6 coats, clump free, build able even when reapplying hours later'....but I was intrigued and brought it, told you i'm easily persuaded when it come to makeup, especially mascaras! Having used this for a while now I can genuinely say this works! I love natural looking lashes and i'm not a big fan of clumpy looking lashes on myself ( I love the look on others but it just doesn't suit me). I'm going to be doing a more in depth review on this as I just love it so much so stay tuned :) 

Garnier Roll On Anti Dark Circle 

This under eye roll on is fabulous, if i'm rushed for time and don't have any makeup on yet this is the product I grab. The roller ball is cooling to the skin which helps to de puff whilst applying the product. It contains a slight peachy pink toned under eye concealer which when blended in helps to reduce the appearance of your dark circles. I just find it gives me a nice wide awake youthful look and it doesn't crease. Once I got a bit in my eye and it didn't half sting, so be careful :) . Overall it makes a huge difference with minimum effort :) 

Charles Worthington Takeaway On The Go Dry Shampoo 

Another go to product when i'm in a bit of a panic about time is this travel sized dry shampoo, its great to pop into my bag on the run when my hair needs a bit of a pick me up. The formula isn't heavy so it doesn't leave a horrible itchy feeling on your scalp and as long as you don't go trigger happy with it, it doesn't whiten your roots. I love that its got a slight scent too. Its also great for leaving your hair looking healthy, some dry shampoos really mattify your hair and take away its healthy shine, whereas this absorbs the oils but still keeps your hairs natural shine.

VO5 Miracle Concentrate 

I'm sure you're all familiar with this miracle product...the clues in the name and it fully lives up to its reputation. Love it. Cant get enough. I just pop it onto the ends of my hair, wet or dry and i've got the softest hair. I'm also trying to grow my hair longer at the moment so keeping the ends of my hair at their healthiest is a big priority. 

HD Brows Palette and Tweezerman Tweezers

I've also really got into grooming my brows, which i think is all down to the HD brow set from my September Glossy box. Ok I didn't have unruly brows before but I never used to fill them in or really 'groom' them much, only for special occations. My currently brow team consists of my new Tweezerman tweezers and the HD eye and brow palette. I was slightly hesitant at buying the tweezers at first, I mean how good could these tweezer really be, weren't all tweezers basically the same? Um no these are magic! Just kidding but they are fantastic :) any little hairs that you just cant seem to reach are a piece of cake for the Tweezerman tweezers. I really wanted to buy the Betsy Johnson ones but couldn't really justify paying that much just for a pretty flower design. So I settled with pink :) and couldn't be happier. 

Zoya Nail Polish 'Marina' Smoke and Mirrors Collection

As I mentioned in my post about the September Boudoir Prive Box I had been eyeing up some nail polishes from Zoya in a local shop so was unbelievable excited to receive this to try. And I love it! Even enough to think about buying another shade :) Its gorgeously opaque and with one coat you're good to go. What I love about the shade 'Marine' is the subtle finely milled silver shimmer within the formula which gives the shade a whole new dimention. It last seriously long on the nail without chipping and its dries easily too! All of the Zoya nail polishes are natural and 100% free of toxic Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP. Perfect. 

So those were my most used products of September :) If you've done a post of your favourites for last month please leave a comment with a link to your post as I'd love to read them :) Thanks 



  1. Wow, we have so many favourites in common! Specially the 2 products from the Boudoir Prive box and the VO5 one was on my August favourites.

    I like the idea of using my N.7 voucher to buy the face wipes, so I'll get that next time I'm in Boots! :)


  2. Lebeautygroup - :) you must have good taste ;P lol! The face wipes are soo good, I would definitely recommend them. Hope you like them too x

  3. I really want to invest in tweezermans, but I have Mr Mascara ones that are amazing and cheaper!

  4. Charli - ooh ive never heard of those :) thanks :) x

  5. I love my Tweezermans, they come with me everywhere, they're the graffiti ones in pink - so cute!

    I have a fav post up here if you're looking for reads -


  6. Great post, especially the Garnier Roll On, Im really thinking of getting it!

  7. I love the Lash adapt mascara too. Only no7 product I've ever liked!

  8. Rachel - Ooh they sounds gorgeous! Loved your products I regret buying post :) x

    Diary of a country girl - Thanks :) the Garnier roll on is fantastic! My only dig at it is that you cant test out the shade before you buy it. I'd recommend looking at swatches on the internet :) x

    Gaelle- The Makeup Fairy - :) Glad you liked it too! x

  9. Couldn't agree with you more Holly - those No.7 wipes are THE best!
    I try to be 'good' with the whole removing-my make-up-before-bed palava, but lets face it, sometimes we just can't be bothered!
    Those wipes come in so handy and they really are worth the money.
    Jem x


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