Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nails Of The Day...Gold Rush

'Gold Rush' by Essence 

I'm loving metallic nail polishes at the moment and this nail polish by Essence is perfect! I often find that some golds tone polishes can be a little too light for my skin tone and wash me out. However, this polish and another one of my favourites 'Rage' by Orly which is a little more glittery, are great for paler skin tones.


Another nail crush I have is for the Metallic Gold Nail Wraps from Nail Rock, which are next on my metallic must have list. 

Do you have a favourite metallic, gold or silver nail polish? I'd love to hear of more fab polishes to feed my current obsession just a bit more! :) Thanks 

x X x


  1. This looks fab! Lovely and shiny! x

  2. Nikki - Thanks, and whats even better is the price! Just annoying that they don't sell within the UK :( x

    Diamonds and jewelry planet - :) x

  3. Have you tried the Maxfactor Max Effects mini nail polishes? They're like £3.99 - I love 01Ivory - it's very much like the Essence one you showed above, but you definitely need two coats.
    Jem x

  4. whre did u get teh metallic gold nail polish? it looks awesome?

  5. Hi I purchased the Essence 'Gold Rush' In Germany, i think you can get it in the US and Ireland as well :) x


Feel free to leave a comment :) Thanks x


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