Monday, 10 October 2011

Must Have Hair Trends of Autumn/Winter 2011

Move over beach waves and summer styling, with a new season comes new trends. Autumn is now officially here and its time to up date your do with this seasons newest hairstyle trends. Inspired from the runways of Fashion Weeks, the it hairstyles of Autumn/Winter 2011 are slicked back ponytails, long luscious locks and the disheveled buns. 

The Ponytail

The ponytail has made a huge come back this year to become the up do of the season. This hair trend is the easiest to follow because no matter how you wear it the ponytail is bang on trend. This trend is so simple in fact you might not even realize how fashionable you are! Ponytails suit just about anyone so to make it your own try switching up your accessories of how you secure yours or by adding a hair band.  Fashion icon Kate Moss was seen leading the way down the catwalk at Louis Vuitton with her slicked back smooth ponytail.

For a more futuristic look try mixing textures by having adding volume to the ends of your hair but keeping the front super sleek. But if you’re wanting to add sophistication and elegance to your pony tail simply add soft curls the ends of your hair whilst adding height to where you secure your ponytail. 

The centre parting, made famous by the Kardashian sisters is also big this season. A super straight centre parting and low slung ponytail is also one of this autumns top trends.

The Bun

Another up do that has tones of versatility is the bun. Whether you keep it to the side, pop it in a topknot or even push the boat out with two you’ll be on your way to fabulous this season.

As seen on the catwalks of YSL the perfectly neat bun was placed at the tape of the neck. Whereas Topshop quirky and playful look might be a bit much for a quick run to the shops its still making waves this autumn.

I’m loving the easy breezy fuss free over sized buns of Chanel. Partings to the side and a swirled loose bun is a trend I’m definitely going to follow! It oozes sexiness and stylish savvyness without trying to hard.

The ultra glamorous Dolce and Gabbanna relaxed ballet/chignon frames the face and is perfect when teamed with a slouchy jumper and jeans.


No more tedious tries at fishtail braids, in its place comes super easy effortless plaits, a loose and laid back look that adds femininity and flirtatiousness.

Letting loose

Long loose hair is another hit this season,either straight with flicks at the ends out or under,and laid back au natural locks with edgy centre partings are key trends for autumn and require minimum effort. 

Do you have a favourite fall fashion hair trend? Which one do you most think you'll try out? 

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  1. I'm glad normal plaits are back in the spotlight, I gave up on a fishtail plait after about 20 tries at it!
    I usually have my hair in a low messy bun, so at least I'm on trend with something!

    Mollie xo

  2. Gorgeous post Holly - loving lots of these looks. I'm loving low Kardishan style ponytails atm and the D&G relaxed chignon.
    Nic x

  3. MissMillie- Me too! Fishtail plaits took far too long :) x

    StrawberryBlonde- Thanks :) Me too, those Kardashian Sisters cant go wrong atm, i've just started to wear my hair in a bun,i fibd its a great way to make an outfit a bit more dressy. Glad you liked the post :) x

  4. Ive nominated you for an award!
    check it out :)
    Cory xx

  5. Ginge...x - Aw thank you :) x


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