Monday, 31 October 2011

Getting back into 'Blogging Mode' and my new No. 7 find! The Lash Adapt Buildable Mascara

Ok lets get back into gear, even with the disadvantage of a limited internet access I cant go another week without my blogging fix…I’ve missed it far to much! Hopefully I’ll get this up and blogging will resume from now on :) I feel happier already and excited to get back on track.


I recently mentioned in my last months favourites I thought I would do a review on the No. 7 Lash Adapt Mascara. With mascara being my all time favourite makeup product and my dessert island choice it HAD to be my come back post :)
I love the way mascara can transform your face and add drama to your makeup. I definitely feel ‘naked’ without my mascara.

The No. 7 Lash Adapt was the first makeup item I had ever brought from the brand and I was a tad worried about how it would perform. I don't know why but I had never been drawn into buy anything from them in the past. It was only when a No. 7 sales lady came over to me to introduce their latest new autumn mascara that I really took note and became intrigued to try one of their products. 

‘From work eyes to club eyes, add up to 6 coats clump free!
Say goodbye to clogging and clumping, and hello to beautifully defined lashes with the new innovation in mascara from No7.

This unique formula puts lash control firmly into your hands, allowing you to take your look from day to night without fuss. Add up to 6 coats, clump free! For more dramatic lashes in the evening, simply add more coats to build, define and volumise lashes to your desired look. Containing Jojoba Oil to condition and moisturise lashes to prevent them becoming brittle, lashes will be left soft, shiny and flexible even after eight layers’

The mascara costs £12 which is more than I would usually be willing to fork over for a high street brand but with a No.7 Boots voucher £7 seemed a little more reasonable…after all I am on a student budget :) !

What I most like about the product is the wand, its fabulously chunky and the bristle brush really allows you to work the product into the lashes to get the best results, volume and length from root to tip! I also find brush style wands allow you to control the amount of product that you apply to the lashes, so you can add as much or as little as you like by the amount of coats you paint on.

Now to the claims of how many coats you can apply before the clumps appear. Although thick clumpy spider lashes are all the rage this season I find for an every day, daytime look that natural looking lashes are far more up my street.

The first coat is very subtle and gives the lashes more depth and darkness. The second more length and volume and the third more drama and even more length. Now this would be as far as I would push it for day time, id even just go with one or two coats to be honest. The forth, fifth and sixth coats are a little bit more thick as you would expect and you can totally get away with the look they give for an evening look. If your in a fix and don't have time or the resources to reapply your makeup for a transition to a night time look then this mascara is perfect. But, to be honest I would rather take it all off and start again if I had the choice (and this goes for any mascara). 

What I love love LOVE about the mascara is how it feels on, I’ve sometimes found myself having to check I put mascara on, its so weightless! The formula is quite dry but not too dry to cause clumpiness. Throughout the day the mascara stays strong without smudging or transferring to the eyelids or underneath the eye. Its really effortless to remove as its not waterproof but as I mention previously I didn't have any issues with transfer at all even with all the rain we’ve had the past few days!

The packaging isn’t amazing, I do find that the tube can be a little awkward to hold but on the whole it's a classic shape and colour that can’t be faltered.

Have you tried No. 7’s Lash Adapt Mascara? What did you think? Or have you tried another one of their mascaras? Id love to know what you thought about them :)

Gosh it feels good to be back :) x

Available in two shades, Black and Brown/black.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're back, Hols! I've missed you far too much :)

    This mascara looks amazing, but I'm not sure if I'd ever wear 6/7 coats of mascara. It sounds a bit too much to me! lol

    Do you have any photos of what it looks like on you?


  2. Le Beauty Group - Aw thank you :) missed blogging so much! Thanks for your lovely comment on my moving issues post, you're so kind :)

    I totally agree wearing that many coats seem a bit OTT lol i'll try and upload the images again for you, i took but for some reason I couldn't manage to upload them?! Maybe something to do with the awful internet speed I have here...should be moving in monday :) so fingers crossed!! :) \
    Will let you know when the images have been uploaded :)

    x x x


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