Monday, 3 October 2011

Easy Curl! - Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

Ok I'll start by making a confession...umm I've never actually tried using heated rollers before! I had always thought they'd take too long to heat up, they'd burn my fingers and that they'd just add volume to my hair not curls. Well I couldnt have been more wrong! Especially after using the Extremity Heated Rollers from Enrapture which aren't like any other heated rollers on the market. So I thought i'd share with you my very first heated rollers experience and let you know what I thought of these up-to-date heated rollers.

Ok first things first plugging this baby in, pushed the switch to on and waited literally seconds for the five bars to light up to indicate you're all ready to go. I couldn't quite believe how fast it was, I was expecting at least a 10 minute wait! But I didn't even have to wait 10 seconds let alone 10 minutes, so already my first assumption proved void.  

Next following the styling instructions (styling guide hereI sectioned my hair into manageable sized sections, believe me I have VERY thick hair so this was undoubtably needed. Starting with the underneath layer of hair and working my way around and up. Each roller is coated in velvet which provides a cool surface to handle whilst applying the rollers, so no nasty burnt fingers! The unique duo heat technology helps to create fantastic curls fast and with ease as one in your hair then the rollers heat up. The rollers emit heat from their core and the innovative butterfly clips metal plates also provide heat so your curl not only is quick and seamless but also very long lasting! For a girl with very thick hair these were perfect!

 I simply left the rollers in for 15minutes and voila done!   

To remove simply open the butterfly clips and allow the rollers to roll easily out, leaving a perfectly formed curl :) 

This is what the curls looked like when I first removed the rollers, I was really impressed and the only product id used on my hair was heat protectant! When I next fancy curls on a night out these are definitely going to be my first choice, as once the rollers are in I can then get on with my makeup, clothes etc leaving the rollers are working their magic :) my ideal situation! 

What I really like about these heated rollers in the minimal effort thats required for such a fantastic result! As ive mentioned in previous posts my hair is quite stubborn when it comes to curling, and I used to have to spend hours to get curls that lasted minutes. The two enrapture hair stylers that ive tried have both really turned curling my hair upside down, I actually want to curl my hair now because its such a dream!

The next day my curls (picture bellow) had slightly dropped as I brushed them out :) but the curl is still there!

The Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers come with a three year warranty just like the other Enrapture tools.  For more information on enrapture and their styling tools please go to

The extremity heated rollers include 
    Extremity Heated Roller case
    Ten medium rollers
    Ten large rollers
    Twenty butterfly clips
    Style guide


  1. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous, I can't believe how simple and easy it was.. definitely need to get my hands on these. They don't seem to have prices on the website, do u know how much this retails for ? xx

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  2. Thank you :) yes they're amazing! RRP is £74.99 you can get them from next, boots, argos etc :) x

  3. I always struggle to get volume and waves into my hair, but these look amazing! Might have to add these to my christmas list :) xxx

  4. Emily - These would be a great christmas gift :) you'd be able to get so many different looks from using them by altering the angle of rollers etc :) definitely multi purpose! x

    are you dressing up or down - Thank you :) it all down to the rollers x


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