Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Top 5 Favourite and Most Worn Jewellery Items

When it comes to jewellery I like simple, classic pieces that can go with lots of different styles. I'm not much of a handbag/shoe's obsessive....however with jewellery I'll admit I may have a slight addiction :) I like how wearing certain jewellery items can dress up or dress down an outfit and how it can make you feel when wearing it. 

One of my favourite blog posts to read are ones featuring the top 10 or top 5 most reached for or favourite items/products. So i thought i would share with you my 5 favourite and most worn jewellery items, which actually has turned out to be quite difficult to pick ( i seriously considered altering the title to top 10 but i stayed strong and persevered!) 

No. 5 

I purchased these earring whilst on holiday about 4 years ago and i still love as much as i did when i first saw them. They're made out of a light pink mother of pearl and I especially love wearing these with gold and choral toned makeup, which i'm wearing quite a lot at the moment. 

No. 4

These silver heart earrings were a gift for my 18th birthday. What I really like about these earrings is that they're not a perfect heart shape and they're very slightly different from each other (which i think adds to their charm). The simple design also makes them really wearable.

No. 3

This again was another holiday purchase and its was super inexpensive. I have seen a few rings that look like this in Accessorize at the moment actually. I love its quirky unique design :) 

No. 2 

I received this from my Dad on my recent birthday. I'm still in the process of adding more charms but I wear it all the time anyway. When I next pop to Bicester Village I shall go the the Links of London outlet in search for some bargain charms :) i'd recommend a visit if you're near by! I decided to go for this bracelet over the Pandora version because i thought it was more simple and more me. 

No. 1 

My heart melts when ever I see a blue Tiffany box ♥ 
This was another birthday gift from my mum and you might have noticed a pattern by now, I kind of have a slight weakness for hearts. I like to wear this on two different chains, a short and a longer chain, depending on what clothes i'm wearing. This has to be my favourite jewellery item :) 

I'd love to find out what some of your favourite jewellery items are  :) Do you have a top 10 or top 5? 


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