Monday, 19 September 2011

London Calling, I Need Your Help!

In a few days I'm finally getting my shopping shoes on ( every girl needs a pair of these! :) ) and heading for London! Its been far far too long since my last visit...I'm talking years here! Due to my lack of London knowledge on finding the best shops to go to I thought I'd ask you :) 

Any shops you recommend going to? Any areas/street I have to walk down? Where are the best places to stop for a bite to eat?

I'm planning on making a full day of it! Going to well known superstores on Oxford Street but I also hopefully popping into little boutiques and markets in search of some good bargains. 

:) Any suggestions would be great :) whether you think its obvious or not, I need all the help I can get! 

Thank you :)

Oh and :ook out for a London Shopping Trip post to come :) ! x


  1. Go and check out the new Westfield that's just opened up in Stratford City. Over 300 shops! :D I'm sure you have everything in there and under one roof!

  2. Westfield is great, Carnaby Street and Neal Street near Covent Garden are great for smaller shops

  3. Bee and Gaelle - The Make up Fairy -Thank you for your help :) getting super excited now! xx


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