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The Goss On The Gloss 'The September Glossy Box'

I was recently contacted by Glossy Box and asked whether I would be interested in receiving their September Glossy Box to review. Having heard and read a lot about Glossy Box; a mix of the good the bad and the unsure, I thought this would be a great opportunity to give you my opinion too :)  

Let me start off by telling you a bit more about Glossy Box, for all of you that know what i'm talking about already :) feel free to skip this part and get right to the juicy bits! 

Glossy Box is a monthly subscription service similar to that of Boudoir Prive which I've also blogged about here. Each month you receive a luxurious box filled with a surprise mix of five carefully selected, high end miniature beauty samples from hair, beauty, scent to body care. The subscription is £12.95 per month (including P&P) with no minimum subscription term, compared to £10 for Boudoir Prive. 

Glossy Box aims to provide women with the luxury, time and space to try out products at home. Giving them the opportunity to get the feel of new products on the market away from the stress and bustle of the shops, as well as introducing them to products that they wouldn't normally pick up, try or hear about. 

Also included each month are discount codes sometimes up to 25% off to use if you wish to purchase the full size product! And as a reward for feedback on your samples you'll receive GlossyDots towards redeeming a free box. 

Now on to my September Glossy Box :)
This months box is themed around '5 Future Classics'

I must admit that when I see anything that arrives in the mail that isn't a bill or a piece of junk mail I instantly get excited. Being ultra careful not to read any September Glossy Box spoilers I couldnt wait to see what was inside the girly package that arrived at my door this morning! And this is what I saw....

The box included two large samples of the Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing Exfoliator 

Voted best exfoliator by You magazine, I can't wait to use this pampering body exfoliator! Each packet is an impressive 50g each! Not bad for a miniature sample :)  

Next is an Eau De Parfum sample of 'Plum' by Mary Greenwell

I'll admit that had never heard of Mary Greenwell before (Should I?) Known as a true British icon of style and beauty, she is one of the worlds’s most sought after and influential makeup artists. Plum is Mary's signature fragrance and on first impressions I quite like it. Its a lovely fresh, fruity and unique scent which I shall definitely be wearing. Subtle but memorable.  

An Exquisite Rejuvenating Facial System by Kimia 

 Which is a 100% natural skin care combination that gently reaches the deeper layers of your skin, to nourish and heal the damaging signs of ageing. This facial system sample contains an exquisite face oil sample which is for using after cleansing and a hydra activator sample that can be used afterwards. I'm quite intrigued and look forward to using this bio activated product.  

A full size! Neal and Wolf Harmony Intensive Care treatment

This intensive conditioning treatment its specially designed to repair damaged hair leaving it healthy and managable. I love using hair masks on my hair so this product is going to be thoroughly used! I can't wait to try this out! And i'm sure a review will follow in the near future :) Again a super impressive 200ml not so 'mini' sample!

Now for my most excited product! The HD Brows Eyes and Brows Palette

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this placed neatly in the corner of the Glossy Box! I've seen this product being mentioned by numerous bloggers and about how amazing it is! Sadly the palette in my Glossy Box is in the 'Bombshell' shade for Blondes but the shades look like they'll be fine to use, if not for my brows as eye shadow :) Astonishingly retailed at £19.95 I couldn't be more overwhelmed. Amazing. 

I'm so excited i'm off to try this out now, I just can't wait any longer :) 
before I go, over all I am really impressed with Glossy Box. I think that they are doing a really great job so far. They seem to respond well to feedback from subscribers and offer great samples for its users, not only by containing full size versions of products but by including well known, high end brands. I think that if they help their subscribers to find at least one new product that they're happy each month that its a sucess. Of course not all of the products in each months box might interest you, so having an open mind in trying new brands, products and enjoying new discoveries is key when thinking about signing up. 

I hope that you found this helpful :)

In time for christmas Glossy Box subscriptions will be available to be purchased as a gift and  there are also plans for a men's box containing 5 products, but on a less frequent basis.

Are you a beauty box subscriber? Do you subscribe to Glossy Box? Were you happy with your surprise samples this month? I'd love to hear what you received and what you think :) 

You can click here 
For more information on Glossy Box, the Brands, GlossyBook Online magaizne and for video tutorials


  1. I heard lots about Glossybox. Shame about the brows, but I'm sure you could use it as eyeshadows. :)

  2. I've cancelled mine as I'm so poor atm but I've been so jealous of the past two boxes! :( xxx

  3. Yin - Its a very close colour, not quite perfect but pretty good :) *few* :) Are you thinking of subscribing? x

    Daisy - Oh no :( maybe ask for a gift subscription for christmas! :) :) x

  4. I got sent a box too, I wish Id gotten the hair products but love everything else! Although i was sent an anti ageing eye cream which I don't need with my young skin. Its a shame lots of peoples palettes got smashed, theres been a lot of complaints about it! The Dead Sea samples are fab, I have a full pot at home and swear by them, to get the best use shake the samples so the oils infuse with the salts :)

  5. Oooh thanks for the tip! Oh no thats a shame about the eye cream, hopefully the boxes will be more taylor made soon! Gosh that would be gutting if the palette was smashed, I hope they managed to get a replacement. Where do you buy the dead sea scrub? :) x


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