Saturday, 10 September 2011

FOTD and Smooch Cosmetics Review

Face of the day : A soft wearable grey smokey eye, peachy cheeks and nude lip

The majority of the products I used are from the new cosmetics brand 'Smooch' which I recently did a post on here if you'd like to read that :) . I thought I would do a mini review on each of the products I used; a blusher, eye shadow duo, mascara and lipstick (not featured in the FOTD but pictures at the end)

Firstly I used my Super Plus BB Cream to even out my skin tone. 

On my cheeks I used Smooch Cosmetics Blusher in the shade Kookie Crumble. Its a gorgeous warm tone duo blush, the peachy toned side is more matte and the pink side has a slight shimmer within it, great for brightening your complexion! The packaging is ultra sleek with its matte black packaging similar to that of Nars, giving the product a professional and high end feel. I just lightly dust my brush over both of the shades and apply them together for a natural looking healthy glow. The blush lasts all day which is fantastic considering its affordable price tag. 

The pinker shade is more pigmented so this shade predominated but the overall result gives my cheeks a slight coral pink tint. You could easily use the lighter shade separately as a highlight and the other as the main blush colour. Overall I am loving this duo blush :) not only is it long lasting, easy on the eyes and pigmented it also comes with a mirror, so its great for picking up on the run and for reapplying throughout the day. 

On my eyes I used Smooches Duo Eye Shadow in the shade Twilight. Twilight contains two pearl finish eye shadows, a light creamy white shade and a velvety grey. Together these create a perfect smokey eye which isn't too overly dramatic and very wearable. The shadows are both slightly shimmery but are easily workable and blend well together. The formula of the shadows are buttery and velvety soft and the pigmentation is good. I found these both to be quite long lasting even without a primer. Overall I think this duo is great for a quick and effortless smokey eye :) Its also a great products to pop in your bag as again it comes with a mirror! My kind of product :) and the gorgeous sleek matte black packaging continues throughout the whole line. 

The mascara by Smooch gave my lashes great length without clumping, however I didn't find it that volumising. The formula wasn't too wet or too dry and the soft bristle wand was easy to use without any problems. The mascara lasted me all day and I didn't have any panda eye problems :)  On the whole I was really impressed with this mascara. The packaging is amazing I love the attention to detail of the white lace and the sleek matte packaging makes the product easy to handle. 

I thought that using this lipstick might be a bit too much so settled with using a matte nude lipstick from Revlon in the shade Nude Attitude. A lovely creamy nude lipstick. 

The Smooch Lipstick I have is in the shade Sweet Tooth its amazing and is by far one of their best products! I would definitely recommend Smooches Lipsticks :) They're wonderfully moisturising and I found this shade to be quite long lasting. Sweet Tooth is a fabulous pink shade with a slight blue undertone. Its quite sheer so you can easily build up the shade to what you desire. I love the smooth finish of this lipstick. In this photo I applied the lipstick twice to create this intensity, perfect for a night out! 

I think that for the amount of product that you get and for the sexy sleek packaging Smooch Cosmetics are fantastic for the price! From the products I have I believe they offer great quality. My favourite thing about Smooch is that quite a few of their products come with a built in mirror which I think is ideal for  popping in your handbag. 

Do you have any products from Smooch Cosmetics? I'd love to know what you have and what you think or if you're thinking about getting any :) 

Smooch Cosmetics are available online


  1. You are beautiful!! Love the eyeshadow and your lashes are perfect! I'd be lying if I wasnt jealous of those lashes!!

  2. Lovely! It's making me so tempted to buy some now... Love love love the FOTD with those pairings of colours! If I go out today, think I'm gonna try and recreate it with my own stuff. :D

  3. Lovely FOTD and definitely going to have a look at their website now

  4. wow they look so awesome, i like the lipcolour!
    it looks so awesome!

  5. Mercedes - Aw thank you :) :)

    Bee - Did you manage to find similar shadows? If so i'd love to know :) x

    Gaelle - Thank you :) DId you find anything you liked the look of? x

    MrAJBx3 - Thanks :)


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