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Boudoir Prive - August Box Luxury Samples REVIEW

When I first heard about Boudoir Prive, I like many others was incredibly excited! I actually blogged about them here if you want to know more about Boudoir Prive and what it is exactly. The contents of the first Boudoir Prive box has been well covered by many beauty bloggers so I thought I would try to do a more in depth mini review of each of the 7 products. 

In the first Boudoir Prive Box for August I received:  

Body Care - Olavie Antioxidant Body medium sample (Full size - 240ml/£43.55)
Makeup - Jane Iredale PureLash a Extender and Conditioner small tube (Full size - 89ml/£13.00)
Hair Care - Sachajuan Conditioner 100ml sample (Full size - 250ml/£20.00)
Lifestyle - Bloom Green tea and White tea duo 2 teabags (pack of 10 teabags/£4.00)
Skincare - Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream good size pot (Full size -50ml/£82.00)
Fragrances - Etat Libre D'Orange - Like This small vial (Full size - 50ml/£74.00) - Etat LibreD'Orange - Rien small vial (Full size -50ml/£52.50)

Sadly I didn't receive my box until a few days after the majority of the subscribers (No fault of Boudoir Prive). This was slightly disappointing as I was actually aware of what I was going to be receiving before I opened my box. Nonetheless, I was still excited when the postman handed me my box of goodies! After shutting the door I instantly felt like a little kid at Christmas and ripped open the outer packaging :) to reveal a beautiful pale pink box. Inside the box was a handwritten personalized card from Boudoir Prive which is such a lovely touch, definitely adding a special feel to the whole experience. The luxury beauty and lifestyle items were also carefully wrapped up within black tissue and tied with a pink bow (very girly :) ) everything was also gorgeously presented.

The beautiful pink box was well made and of good quality with a magnetic lid – great to keep  for storage of all your makeup goodies! :)

As for the brands in this months box I had only heard of the brand Olavie whereas the other companies were completely new to me. I thought that on first glance all of the products looked luxurious and of good quality. To begin with I was most excited to try out the PureLash Extender and the tea as I’m quite a big herbal tea drinker and I’ve been looking at eyelash conditioners recently. The types of products are definitely more high end and luxurious. I was also really impressed with the size of some of the samples especially the Sachajuan conditioner.

What I thought about each individual product

Olavie Antioxidant Body Butter medium sample (Full size - 240ml/£43.55)

A pleasant, fresh scent, a slightly fruity fragrance but not at all overpowering. The sample is a good size and from using it a few times, I think this will last a while as a little goes a long way. The body butter has a luxurious thick creamy texture which is nice and moisturising and it doesn't leaving a sticky or greasy residue, absorbing quickly into the skin. My only problem with this product is that it’s hard to get out of the sample bottle, apart from that it’s gorgeous! 

Jane Iredale PureLash Extender and Conditioner small tube (Full size - 89ml/£13.00)

As I said previously I was most excited about using his product. The product is quite a thick white formula, it can be applied onto the lashes with the small sample mascara wand. I must say that I did find that the wand wasn't very good at giving an even coat on the lashes and I assume that the full size has a better brush or so I hope. The product doesn't have a scent and I didn't have any problems or irritations from using it (I do not have sensitive eyes). From the information given by Boudoir Prive it is supposed to prepare the lashes for mascara, add length and aid growth. I however think that the wand on the sample doesn't give a great even coverage meaning that mascara on top looks clumpy but it definitely helped to lengthen and add volume to my lashes. This is by far my favourite of all of the samples!

Sachajuan Conditioner 100ml sample (Full size - 250ml/£20.00)

I used this as a treatment for my hair, leaving it in for a few minutes for maximum effect. I loved this product and the size of the sample is very good, I have quite long hair and I think that this will last me a few uses. It uses ocean silk technology, which helps to leave your hair super soft, help detangle as well as adding strength and shine to your hair. What I think is great about the conditioner is that its suitable for all hair types to use. The formulation is very thick and smells amazing. 

 Bloom Green tea and White tea duo 2 teabags (pack of 10 teabags/£4.00

I am a huge herbal tea drinker so these samples really appealed to me. I have read a few bloggers that weren’t impressed with these but I love them! Bloom Tea is rich in antioxidants and it helps to hydrate and boost your immunity. The green tea is supposed to help aid relaxation so I used this before going to bed although it says its ideal for the mornings. I really enjoyed the taste and was impressed with the quality of the tea bag itself as well as the contents. The white tea helps with digestion, the tea contained fennel and peppermint, which I’m not keen on as far as herbal teas go, which did influenced my judgment. On the whole I think these would be a lovely gift to give an avid herbal tea drinker as a bit of a treat :) 

Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream Good size sample pot (Full size -50ml/£82.00)

I’ve used this product a few times on my face; it's a lovely thick cream and my face definitely felt tighter after applying it. What I didn't like however was that it stung my skin. Maybe the stinging sensation was due to the fragrance within the product I’m not sure, as I don't suffer from sensitive skin and my face hasn't reacted in this way before. This was my least favourite sample.

Etat Libre D'Orange - Like This small vial (Full size - 50ml/£74.00)
Etat LibreD'Orange - Rien small vial (Full size -50ml/£52.50)

Like This smells fruity with an underlying smell of incense and berries. It's a very unique scent and not really a fragrance I tend to gravitate towards. The Rien wasn’t also what I would usually go for as it was slightly too overpowering but definitely a classic scent that I can see others enjoying.

Overall I was quite impressed with the high quality of the products that I received and I am looking forward to next months box…fingers crossed the mail will be quicker this time :)

Will you be signing up for Boudoir Prive? What did you think of the samples in the first box? Are you excited about next month? :)

You can follow Boudoir Prive on twitter @boudoirprive and subscribe to their facebook page Boudoir Prive


  1. I like the idea of the box but I think its just too vague concerning the products you get. I think maybe they should have options as to what type of box you would like i.e. 20-25 age range, skin type etc. So a good concept in theory, just needs to be tailored more I think!

    And teabags?! Seriously, teabags?! lol

    Rebecca x -

  2. I received this box also :) Great Review! I am also looking forward to what they have in store for us this month :)

  3. Rebecca - I like the age range idea! Maybe as Boudoir Prive get more feedback etc and their concept will evolve to suit more people :) They do split each of the 6 items into categories, skincare, hair care, fragrance, lifestyle - for the tea bags :) and body care. I really liked the tea bags :) they aren't just your everyday ones :) I suppose its more similar to the Birch Box in that the samples aren't simply 'beauty' items x

    Beaut-ings and Beyond - Great, glad you enjoyed your box too :) Hopefully Septembers will be good too! *fingers crossed * :) x

  4. Hi Holly! This is Veronica from Boudoir Prive. Fab post! Really liked it-it wasn't too short or too long and i love how opinionated and honest you are! Can't wait to see you reviewing our future boxes! x

  5. Hi Veronica :) Glad you liked my post :) thank you so much for taking the time to read it :) Can't wait to see what will be in the next box! :) x


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