Monday, 1 August 2011

Shopping in The Summer Sales

Last week with the sun finally deciding to come back after what seemed a lifetime of grey clouds, I thought I would venture out into town for a little bit of innocent window shopping. Hmmm I say window shopping but from the bags that surround me now I ‘might’ have just caved in and purchased a few items. They were all in the sales (that’s how I justified it to myself) and I really can’t resist a good bargain!

I usually have to be in the ‘right frame of mind’ when I enter into the whirlwind that can be sale shopping and luckily (or not so as the case may be) due to the gorgeous sunshine I was feeling quite chilled out and summery. When I see racks stuffed full of mish mashed clothes and piles of neglected, unwanted garments on the floor my instinct is to run and hide. But because it was quite early on the in day, the stores seemed less chaotic which made searching through the sale items much more enjoyable.

My first stop of the day was Zara, quite quickly I had already acquired a mountain of potential purchases and after deciding enough was enough I made my way to the dressing room.  After quite a few ‘do I really need those?’ and ‘honestly will you ever wear that!?’ I had narrowed it down to just one item. Its a lovely soft slouchy and quite thin jumper which I thought would look great with a pair of light denim shorts. 

It was a steal at £5.99!

Next I popped into New Look to look in search of some flip flops to take on holiday but instead got side tracked by the jewellery and scarves on sale (with all the excitement I actually forgot about the shoes! :) )

I feel in love with this gorgeous scarf, reduced down to just £3 and this necklace, which was reduced to £2!

A few more shops later I remembered that I needed to go into Jane Norman to return a jumper I’d brought a few days ago. A spare of the moment purchase which a friend had persuaded me to buy. However, after I got home and tried it on again I realized it was totally hideous and decided to take it back. Annoyingly I wasn't aware that if you brought sale items in Jane Norman that you could only exchange them, so I had to look for a suitable replacement. Not only did I find a better, more 'me' kind of top but I also had enough credit for 3 pieces of jewellery :) . I had been searching everywhere for a pair of earring like these (the chain mail ones) and couldn't believe my luck when I found these! 

The top was only £7.50! The necklace was £5 and the earrings were both £2.50 each.

 Have you been shopping in the summer sales yet? Or are you planning on doing so? I'd love to hear if you found any good bargains? :)


  1. ahh de jewelry is gorgeous! Nice thing :)

  2. Lovely buys! Really love that grey jumper and the vest top.
    Nic x
    Beauty Blogger

  3. Thank you Kimberly :) I can't wait for an occasion to wear the chain style earrings! x

    Strawberry Blonde :) thank you, I wore the jumper today :) but then had to change as the rain stopped at it got warmer! x


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