Wednesday, 31 August 2011

NOTD - Colour Me Happy

A slight summery twist on the dated 'French Manicure' bringing it up to date with a pop of colour....

Firstly I applied a light beige base coat

Then simply adding coloured nail varnish in place of the typical white tips. I used Berry by Barry M, 134 by Barry M, Blue Moon by Barry M and Candy Floss by Collection 2000

A clear top coat, I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, and you're done :) 

I love this quirky twist :) A super easy colourful nail look that isn't too bold


  1. So pretty!!! It looks like "happy nails" to me lol

  2. These are lovely! I wonder if they're subtle enough to pass the 'no nail polish' rule at work.. :D
    Much love xo

  3. Mercedes - Aw yes thats so cute! Happy Nails :) x

    MissMollie - Ooh maybe if you used really soft pastels it might work :) I hope you can get away with it! :) x

  4. love that look, so dainty and cute! :)

  5. they look so cool! I went through a phase of painting coloured tips but never tried mulit coloured ones before! great idea! xx

  6. Artisthecure - Thank you :) its so quick and easy too! x

    Kirsty F - Thanks :) Its great for when you just cant decided what colour to use lol :) x

  7. i always fail at nails i so cant never get tips even haha!


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