Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kristen Stewart W Magazine Cover Inspired Makeup

I think Kristen Stewart looks amazing in her spread for W magazine! She barely has to do anything to look gorgeous, always looking effortless, often rocking the hard and edgy look. In these shots she oozes old Hollywood glamour and her skin looks as if it were porcelain..very vampire esque dont you think? 

Being a fan of the Twilight books, recently finishing my favourite of the series so far 'Breaking Dawn', I am both intrigued and eager to see how it is reflected in the new film. One look at these photographs and I instantly wanted to try and 're-create' Kristen's stunning makeup. Recreations/inspired looks are a favourite of mine to read and do. I love the challenge it gives and thoroughly enjoy it, it almost feels like 'dressing up' :) 

Firstly I used my Super Plus BB Cream to help lighten and to give my skin that almost air brushed finish. 

Next I went onto the challenging part, the super winged eyeliner. I used MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline with a Costal Scents bent eyeliner brush ( the angle on the brush makes life so much easier :) ) Starting off roughly mapping out the shape that I wanted, then filling it in afterwards. Now my eyeliner isn't exactly the same as Kristen's but I had to adapt the look to suit my eye shape. I took the eye liner right into the inner corner of my eye, creating a small sharp point that extends outwards. 

Underneath the eye I ran Avon's Super Shock eye liner in black, very close to the lash line, in my water line and tight line. With a cotton bud I tidied up any unwanted marks i'd made and also used it to smudge the eye liner on the lower lash line, to give it that grungy feeling. 

To brighten up the inner corners of my eyes I used MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl. For the lashes I used a few coats of Lancome Hypn├┤se Doll Eyes mascara, it gives great length and volume!

To help my skin to look super soft and flawless I used Hard Candy Crystal Pressed Powder

I love the pale, creamy lipstick that Kristen wears in these photo's, I'd love to know the exact one she used! For my recreation I settled with using Elf Natural Nymph lipstick and a light touch of Barry M Strawberry Milkshake lip gloss

I hope you enjoyed my recreation of Kristen Stewarts W magazine makeup :) Have you read any of the Twilight book or seen any of the films? Are you looking forward to the next film? I'd love to know what you think :)

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