Sunday, 21 August 2011

Eye Candy

The vital beauty staple that is false lashes can help to inject a bit of va va voom into any look! It's a definite must have for most celebrities, providing an instant boost of femininity.

Superdrug has recently released a new affordable range of high quality false lashes, each offering a different look perfect for any and every occasion.

These are my favourite lashes from the new Superdrug collection and for each of the different lash types I have found a celebrity lash equivalent for inspiration.

If you love Ashley Olsen’s low key, au natural lash look then these Superdrug Lash Natural edition 12 lashes will be ideal for getting the same effortless makeup effect.

Or if you like to make more of a statement following Jessie J’s beautifully bold attitude then Superdrug Lash Volume Edition 21 will give you mega lash length and maximum impact.

Lash queen Adele always knows how to play on her eyes so the Superdrug Lash Double Volume edition 40 lashes that offers a double lash effect are the ideal ones to reach for. 

For more information about Superdrugs' range of Lashes go to
Prices from £3.99 

Do you wear false lashes? Everyday or just on special occasions? I'd love to know your favourite types and your celebrity lash loves :) 


  1. I love the ardell lashes, they are my favourite to wear. I wear the natural ones most days! X

  2. Oooh thanks :) I shall have to give those a go too! I think i'm more of a natural lash look kinda girl too x

  3. Ooh, I love the natural ones. Definitely going to pick some of these up on my next shopping trip! Thanks for the heads up (: xo


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