Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Enraptured by Enrapture

I recently won some hair styling gadgets from Enrapture Hair, which I was so excited about and gob smacked, as I never win anything! When I opened the parcel to uncover the most beautiful royal blue, pearlised boxes I was speechless and extremely thankful.

Enrapture are a new up and coming hair styling tools company, who’s new innovative products are already making waves on the hair styling market. Perfect for "When everyday hair just isn't enough".

My eyes instantly feel in love with the Encode Totem Styler. It has an amazing and unique totem barrel, which allows you to differ the temperature on the three zones to achieve different types of curls; well I just couldn't wait to try it out!

So one evening whilst watching a repeat of Gossip Girl I decided to whip out the Totem and give it a go. I plugged it in, turned it on and set my code to 123 on the encoder dial. Within seconds it was hot and ready to go. What really impressed me is that each styler comes with a heat resistant pouch that can be unzipped to use as a heatproof mat. With my accident-prone tendencies this is a definite must have!

(Hair after curling- please excuse the lack of makeup :) )

I never really curl my hair that often, I can’t even remember the last time! The old curler I had took far too long and the curls never looked very impressive. So when I set about sectioning my hair I thought that it might take a while. How wrong was I! Using the Totem was an absolute dream, I did my whole hair (which is super thick and as I said never really holds a curl) in the time it took to watch one episode of Gossip Girl (and I wasn't really paying much attention to what I was doing!).

With my old curler my hair would sometimes get caught in the clamp, causing it to pull some of my hair out :( One of the many reasons I never curled my hair! But with the Totem I had no problems, the hair just feel smoothly off the barrel to reveal the most amazing curls (honestly I was blown away!) Winding the section of hair around the barrel required no effort at all. The swivel cord allowed me to keep my eyes on my TV without burning myself or getting all tangled up, what more could you ask for! :)

After finishing my whole head and seeing the final result I was so delighted and stunned by how curly my hair was, it was just a shame I didn't have any plans to go out! I started curling at about 8.30pm and so slept on the curls that night. Bearing in mind my hair rarely holds anything and that I had been sleeping on them this is what the curls looked like in the morning. 

(Hair the morning after sleeping on the curls)

I ’m definitely going to wear my hair curly like this more often :)

For more information about Enrapture click Here
Their styling tools will be available from the 15th of August online and in-store from most major retailers. 

x X x

( I wasn't asked to blog about this as part of the prize, I was just so amazed at the results and by the quality of Enraptures styling tools )


  1. wow, what an amazing result!

  2. I saw another girl do a post on another product by these guys that gives you a bohemian wave... It looked amazing!! Your waves look so naturally... :) xx

  3. Aw, this is lovely! The first photo definitely looks so Blair-esque! Just need to add the hairband! I love the last picture though, looks like you have natural, not fussed, ringlets. I'm Chinese with poker straight hair so when I curl, it's super curly (to make it stay) but I've always wanted the natural wavy look so I curl, sleep on it, wake up and spray texturising spray on it, scrunch it and then pur hairspray and I manage the look pretty well! It's an effort though! And I don't like damaging my hair with heat or too much products that much.

  4. Kimberly and Amy :) Thank you, its such a great styling tool! x

    Bee Thank you, I love love love Gossip Girl so will definitely try it wearing a headband :) You should try this styler it doesn't feel damaging at all, as long as you spray heat protectant your hair should be fine :) x

  5. This is a fantastic result, it looks amazing! The curls are flawless, I will definitely look into this product.


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