Sunday, 21 August 2011

17 Purchases and a Free All About Nude Palette

I’m usually quite ‘safe’ in the lipstick shades that I choose to wear and a bright red is about the boldest shade in my collection. However, more recently I’ve been admiring more striking and cheeky colour ranges.

As a result of my new cravings I decided to purchase 17’s Honey Blossom Lasting Fix Lipstick, it's a gorgeous slightly orange and gold shimmery lipstick. Its not too bold but its also not like the usual natural shades I would have chosen in the past, a good first step I think :) . The lipstick is very pigmented and long lasting without making my lips feel dry.

( the colour is a little more daring in real life :) )
Whilst at the 17 makeup stand I was drawn in by their current promotion (I’m a sucker for these!) with any two 17 purchases you receive a free ‘All About Nude’ palette. The other 17 item that took my fancy was nude shade lip liner in the colour ‘Fawn’. I am slightly disappointment with this liner though, I didn't get the chance to swatch it in the store as the tester was missing and I didn't realise how shimmery it was. 

So all together these two purchases qualified for the free ‘All About Nude’ summer palette.

The summer palette contains two eye shadows, a lipstick and a cream blusher. The first eye shadow is a fabulous golden shimmery pink and the second is a deep bronzy gold. The blush is similar in shade slightly to the golden pink eye shadow and the lipstick is a deep brownish red. 

I can’t wait to give these a try :) What lipstick shades do you usually go for? Do you have any bolder suggestions for me :) ? I'd love to try out some other shades   

Click here if you wish to take a look at the 17 collection :)


  1. I always get tempted by these offers too! It's hard to venture out and try new lip colours but this one looks lovely.. you should post a pic of you wearing it! :)
    Firdaus XX

  2. The lipstick is a gorgeous shade! and I always seem to stick with the same old nudes and light pinks :( totally stuck in a rut! haha xx

  3. That palette is really nice! I'm tempted to get it. Have to look at the colours in person though. Not sure what I'd get my 17 though. Maybe some nail polish.

  4. Oo I just tweeted about that freebie yesterday! Not bad for free !! ;) x

  5. Firdaus - Thank you :) the the lipstick is such a lovely colour! x

    Katrina - Yes its so easy getting stuck in a lipstick rut :) Honey Blossom is a great first step if you fancy a change :) x

    Bee - Yes definitely I agree, you get a better feel of the product seeing something in person :) I think the nail polishes are pretty good x

    Ami_in_Wonderland - Yes its a great free gift! Quite a bit of product too! :) Did you buy anything to get the palette? x

  6. Love love love the lipstick!. Looks quite similar to Viva Glam Cyndi!

  7. That lippy looks stunning on you, no wonder you had to have it xx

  8. The Make-up Fairy - Its gorgeous! Ooh really i didn't realise :) Thanks x

    Nicoletta - Thank you :) I'm going to try and wear it more often but i'm not that confident wearing it lol. Great bargain though for the price! x

  9. I got that palette the other day and I'm in love with the pink eyeshadow! So pretty! Love that lipstick too. Might have to have a cheeky look when I get paid!

  10. got this palette lovely i couldn't resist it in BOOTS.i'm inlove with walnut pearl.wait what am I saying? I LOVE all of the products in the nice to have them altogether. =D I'm lazy like that.

  11. Robyn - Ooh glad you're enjoying the palette, the pink eye shadow is lovely! I hope you find a lipstick that you like :) go treat yourself :) x

    Diiane - Yes I love getting palettes :) it just makes everything so much easier lol plus I am a organisational nut so I love it when makeup is in a cute compact :) x

  12. I picked up this palette today - I love it! I'm also a sucker for these freebies.


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