Thursday, 28 July 2011

MAC Sized to Go

Worried about what to pack on holiday? Annoyed at the airport restrictions? 

Well MAC may have the answer. Recently MAC has introduced a selection of their skincare line in a mini travel size editions collection called 'Sized To Go'.Each bottle contains 30ml of liquid making them airline friendly. Now I really don't know what it is with me and travel sized products, I just think they’re super cute and well always end up buying far more than I intended and probably ever need :)

The Sized To Go collection includes:

Pro Eye Makeup Remover (30ml) £7

Original Cleanse off oil (30ml) £7

Tranquil Cleanse off oil (30ml) £8

Fix + (30ml) £7

Strobe Cream (30ml) £12

Green Gel Cleanser (30ml) £7

Oil Control Lotion (30ml) £12

Demi Wipes (30 sheets) £10

However, unlike most other travel size versions MAC hasn't really relaxed on their prices! Paying £8 for 30ml of Cleanse of oil when you can pay £10.50 more to get 150ml…the figures just don't add up. These prices just put me off; it’s such a shame and to be honest I think I’d rather just buy the full size and decanter it myself. None the less I still feel a yearning to buy them : (

 Click Here to view the collection 

What do you think about this new addition? Will you be tempted to purchase anything?

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  1. What is it about small bottles that make you think 'aww cuteeeee', even though as you have rightly pointed out, they are a rip off! I do exactly the same thing :(

    Think I'm just gonna stick to decanting for now!


  2. Hi Rachel, I know :) I think it must be a girl thing lol x

  3. I agree, the prices completely do not add up and are very disappointing, its better to buy the full size and transfer it into travel pots!

  4. I agree, what an actual rip off!! xx

  5. i really want to try these as they look so cute, but they are so expensive for what they are! very disappointed in mac! xx

  6. your right, its such a rip off
    its like they want us to buy it and not care
    they are just trying to bleed us dry

    its not the first time, it happend with everything
    most things at mac have been downsized and the prices raised or stayed the same like Pigments are tiny now!


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