Monday, 11 July 2011

They're Real Honest!

Benefit is coming out with new mascara that will be available next month (August) called 
Benefit's They're Real! Lashes mascara

Being an ultimate mascara junkie myself ☺, I can’t wait to see what this new mascara is like.

It has a staggered bristle brush that claims to coat and extend even the smallest of lashes, to give you the ultimate, blackest black, full, fluttery lashes that we’re all constantly searching for! Offering the look of false lashes without all the unnecessary hassle.
With promises that it won’t smudge or flake at all throughout the day I really do hope that this new contender will blow us away! ♥
They’re Real Lashes Mascara will cost you £18.50.
Are you eager to try this out like me? Do you like Benefits current mascara’s? I'd love to hear what you think ☺


  1. I'm really excited about it! Benefit's Badgal mascara was my first "good" mascara and I loved it! There's a really good review of this on if you haven't already seen it :)

  2. Hi Daisy, thanks for the link :) i'll go take a look at it :) Glad you're excited about it too! xx


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