Monday, 25 July 2011

Revlon New Expressionist Collection

There’s a lot of buzz around at the moment for Revlon’s new Expressionists autumn collection and its creating a wave of excitement. Gucci Westman, a top makeup artist and Revlon’s own creative director, has exclusively designed this new stylish collection. 
Influenced by the movement of Abstract Expressionism the collection includes an array of contemporary shades, from easygoing neutrals to bold pinks and hearty reds. The makeup artists wished for her new line to mirror works of art, playing with textures and composition. Westman blends hues in sheer and glittering textures, by varying the size of the sparkles as well as incorporating those deep, traditional autumn colours. 
The collection will include a deep wine shade in a limited edition palette called Bordeaux 'In the Snow' and a beautifully bold iconic 'Cherries in the Snow' lipstick. However, if bold colours aren't your style the collection also incorporates a wearable contrast with a 60s-inspired super-light creamy pink and beige, that I am seriously lusting over!
As for nail polish there will be three sparkly sheers in light pink, bright blue and fuchsia and one neutral warm and creamy greige shade.

What I quite like about Revlon’s new collection is that it’s going to be reasonably priced, making it purse friendly. The collection will be available from October nationwide in Boots and Superdrug.

Prices will start from £6.49

Do you already have your eye on something :) ? 


  1. I want cherries in the snow so badly!

    My aim for the rest of this year is to be more confident wearing bright and beautiful lips :D


  2. Hi Rachel :) Thats a great idea! Bright lipsticks are great for lifting your mood :) i find it really helps when i'm feeling a little down about myself. I hope you get lots of lovely comments when you wear it! x

  3. Wow that deep purple shimmery nailpolish looks lush!
    Nic x

  4. I am so excited about this collection!!! I want Bordeaux in the snow real bad & violet frenzy lipstick. Would you know when in October this will be released?

  5. Hi sorry i'm not sure of the exact date but definitely sometime in October :) I might know more nearer the time. Ooh yes I agree they both look gorgeous! x


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