Friday, 29 July 2011

INDOLA Smart Street Style Challenge - My Entry


Indola has launched a new hair range called INNOVA  and are challenging bloggers to replicate a look from their Smart Street Style Collections Look book. I’ve taken my inspiration from Berlin fashion bloggers Dario Natale and Mary Sherpe who created the Military Man – they describe this look as simple and timeless, 'the look is all in the styling, in natural shades with a cut that is short at the back and side, with a sweeping fringe. A look that can be retro smoothed flat, or uber-contemporary teased up into a fabulous unstructured quiff.'

What I liked most about this particular style was the quiff and the slicked back sides. I do like a fun challenge …. obviously I’m not male and I don't have short hair, so I decided to do my interpretation of this look ….creating a Military Chic style. I had a great time trying to recreate this style, and I hope you like it J

Firstly using a tail comb I sectioned some of my hair at the front, about 2cm back from my forehead, needed to create the quiff later. With the rest of the hair, I pulled it back into a sleek, tight ponytail using a styling comb. To get the simple, polished style I used INDOLA shaping soufflé. This helped to slick the hair back in order to create a tight and smooth finish.

Now with the front section of hair, I further parted it into three segments. Using the highest point from each of my eyebrows as a guide to obtain the width and amount of hair needed for the quiff, leaving a section of hair on either side. With the middle section I applied some INDOLA strong mousse for added volume and hold. I created the quiff by pulling the middle piece of hair back towards the ponytail and laying it flat, then pushing the section of hair forward to create a bump. Once happy with the shape I secured it with some brown bobby bins on each side (crossing them over to hold).

The left over pieces of hair on the sides were pulled tightly up over the top of my head, covering where the bobby pins were fastened.  I did one of the sides first, then manipulated the other side over it to conceal where i had secured the structure with bobby pins.

The ends of hair from the 3 sections were wrapped around the hair tie I used to tie the ponytail in order to disguise it, giving a more aesthetic appearance.

As for the finishing touches I used a little more shaping soufflé on the side pieces of hair and applied a little hair spray all over. I used INDOLA shine spray finish to create a healthy glossy finish.

I hope you liked my recreation J Is this something you would wear? Do you like to recreate styles you see?

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  1. I like it, you look lovely in the pics!

  2. Hi Claire :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment! :) x

  3. How on early did I miss this before? OMG you are absolutely STUNNING.COM!!!
    Nic x

  4. *blushes* aw thank you StrawberryBlonde :) I feel all embarrassed now lol you're so lovely! Thank you xx


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