Saturday, 2 July 2011

Go on take the day off !

I’m a huge believer In giving your skin a day off now and again, I try to go, dare I say free at least once a week.

I think it's a great exercise in self confidence, but I’ll admit, its not easy. I do feel quite exposed seeing friends or even people I don't know without my makeup on. However, the more I do it, the more I realize the importance of inner beauty (apologies for the cheesiness!).

I started off small, choosing days when I wasn't doing much such as on days when I only needed to pop to the shops quickly. Sometimes not doing it alone can also help, many of my friends do it all the time and I was inspired by their confidence to do it.

Giving your skin a day off from time-to-time can do wonders for your skin. Makeup can often clog the pores in your skin and can introduce bacteria, so letting your skin have a break for a few days a month will benefit your skin by allowing it breathe. Being au naturel can also give your skin time to clear up from any small blemishes. Don't for get that it’s still important to always make sure that you apply a little sunscreen if you are going out in the sun.

Why not give it a go? Try going makeup-free to remind myself that beauty and confidence come from within and that makeup shouldn’t be a necessity :)

If you’re not too keen on the idea maybe start by wearing a little less one day a month to slowly build up your confidence without it :)

Please let me know if you already do this or if you're thinking about doing it, :)  i would love to hear from you


  1. Holly this post is so inspirational. I hope other girls read it! I totally agree with you about letting your skin breathe once in a while.
    Little by little as you use less products on your face you will feel confident enough to one day go outside with nothing on (on your face I mean haha)

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment Anita :) I hope other people find it helpful too :) x


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