Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner Review

I recently blogged about Charles Worthington’s new innovative soft and smooth dry conditioner and have been trying it out along with the front row refresh and revive dry shampoo for brunette hair. 

The Charles Worthington front row range was designed with some of the biggest names in fashion, for high performance use on fashion show, shoots and A list events.

Now sadly I don't have any A list events penciled in my diary but I’m always on the look out for products that perform well and that last a long time. This range is perfect for making your hair feel great on big nights out and for use on long days. 

Out of the two, my favourite has to be the dry conditioner; it makes the ends of my hair feel super luxurious, so soft and silky. I just spray it on the ends of my hair, avoiding the roots and brush it through so that it’s evenly distributed. As for added shine..I didn't notice much of a difference but I am quite lucky in that I don't really suffer from dry and damaged ends anyway.

I don't know about you but some leave in conditioner’s can cause my hair to become greasy quite quickly, however, this dry conditioner gives me no problems :) . The invisible finish it has is great, I was a little worried that being a ‘dry’ conditioner that it might leave a white residue on my hair, but it has no powdery feel to it at all.

As for the refresh and revive dry shampoo for brunette hair..I had never used a dry shampoo before that was specifically for use on brunette hair. The dry shampoo’s that I’ve used in the past have left a slight gray tone after application, so I was really impressed as I didn't get that with this product.

Dry shampoo is a life saving must have for me, for moments when time isn’t on your side and when you still want to look your best. With the refresh and revive dry shampoo a little definitely goes a long way. At first I used too much and it left my hair feeling quite stiff, so because you don't need that much to get a great result, I think it will last me a long time.

I just spray it into my roots a few times; leave it for a couple of seconds to absorb the oils and then brush it through. I find that the added colour within the formula helps the product to blend evenly into my natural hair colour and that it leaves a nice hidden finish. I was really impressed with how fresh my hair felt and how long it lasted, without feeling horrible and itchy. What I also found is that it gives my hair quite a bit of volume too! Which is perfect because sometimes oils can weigh down hair and you lose life at the roots :) I think this is the reason why when I applied too much my hair felt a little stiff.

As for the packaging I think they look really professional and high quality. I really like the insider tips they include on the back :) 

Overall I would say that I find that this dry shampoo works best for occasions when I am styling my hair more, rather than using it for the days when I just pop it into an everyday ponytail.   

Are you a dry shampoo addict? Have you ever tried dry conditioner too? I would love to know what you think :)


  1. I think I need the dry conditioner in my life! It sounds like just what I need! I couldn't live without my dry shampoo :)

    I have given your blog a wee award! :)


  2. Me too its such a life saver! Aw thank you :) x


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