Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Beauty On a Budget


Honey is one of the oldest and most effective beautifying ingredients ever. Wise and savvy beauties have been using honey for years; legend has it that Cleopatra used honey to moisturise her skin. It’s perfect for pampering on a budget and it’s a great, all natural, organic way to look gorgeous without using harsh and expensive chemicals.

Honey is packed with vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants, which can help battle the signs of aging. It's definitely a pretty darn sweet beauty product J I’ve put together a few tips for using honey within your beauty regime, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Honey is great for calming down irritated skin as it has antiseptic properties. If you’ve been caught out by the sun and are suffering a little sunburn then honey is a great way to sooth your scorched skin. Add ½ a cup of honey and ½ a cup of oats together; simply pour into your bath under warm running water for a calm and luxurious soak….ahh heaven J

Honey can also help to soften tough, thick skin and can reduce nasty odor-causing bacteria, making it perfect to use on your feet. This has to be my favourite way to relax and relieve my tired feet after a long day. All I do is warm up about a ¼ of a cup of honey in the microwave, once its cooled enough to touch without scalding, I spread a thin layer onto my feet and then wrap them in cling film. After about 15-20 minutes of absolute bliss I rinse it off by submerging my feet into a warm bowl of water (I let mine soak for a few minutes too for ultimate relaxation J )

If your skin is really sensitive to perfumed products then honey is a great alternative. Honey it’s a natural humectant making it great product for softening underarm or leg hair before shaving. Apply some honey onto your skin and massage it into the area your going to shave, leave it a few minutes then rinse and your ready to go.

Another bonus of being a natural humectant is that honey is very effective in attracting and hold moisture. It is ideal for using as a natural conditioner, it can help make your hair healthy and boost your hair's shine by infusing it with moisture. Massage about a tablespoon of pure honey with a squeeze of lemon into damp hair after shampooing, and then simply rinse off with warm water, for silky smooth hair.

If your looking for a natural alternative to help firm, smooth and moisturise your skin then simply blend together, a peeled, cored apple with a table spoon of honey in a food processor until smooth. Apply the pulp to your face and simple relax for 15 minutes before rinsing. This sweet beauty recipe will naturally firm and tone your face, leaving your skin feeling smooth and clean, while minimising pores. It will also be helping erase the signs of aging thanks to honey's natural antioxidants (the darker the honey, the more antioxidants it has!).

I could go on forever talking about the uses honey has, so lastly and one of my night time blemish fighting remedies is that honey also makes a very gentle spot treatment. Just applying a dab of honey can help to clear them right up without any further inflammation.

I hope these tips were useful and if you do try some of them out J I’d love to hear what you think
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  1. I've used honey as part of a gentle face scrub before but I'm very tempted to try the foot thing! Also very interested in the spot clearing one! Will be trying that next time I get one of those buggers. Thanks for the budget tips :)

  2. Hi Robyn ooh its great to hear you already use honey :) Hopefully your feet will enjoy it as much as mine do :) Glad you liked them x

  3. Such a great post! I will def be trying some of these out! xx

  4. I'm definitely going to try using honey as a spot treatment! Thanks for the tip Holly :)


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