Friday, 24 June 2011

Try Before You Buy?...I don't mind if i do :)

The latest craze to have taken America by storm has been that of the Birch Box. It’s a monthly subscription of $10 a month in which members receive a beautifully presented box, filled with a selection of 4-5 deluxe samples to their door each month for them to try. The samples are anything from skincare to makeup and sometimes beauty tools, from well known brands as well as those that are more up and coming.
We all know the feeling when you’ve finally convinced yourself that paying 'X' amount for that latest beauty product is worth it. You tell yourself that you’ll be fine living off baked beans on toast for a month to justify it. You get home, rip open the packaging, try it out, only to find that the colour doesn’t suit you or that it breaks you out.

I know I can get a bit overwhelmed by the masses of new products becoming available at the moment; sometimes buying something that actually, i will never use. Meaning that finding the right product for you can sometimes be a bit of trial and error. So after hearing about this latest ‘try before you buy’ concept, I was really intrigued.  For ages I wondered if it would ever make its way over here to the UK (frantically wishing that it would!)
Well now it finally is! :)
The latest company to pick up on the idea is Boudoir Prive, who will be bringing their exciting version of the beauty box to us. Their beauty boxes will be introduced at the start of July! I’ve been ecstatic ever since J
For a subscription of £10 a month you become a member of Boudoir Prive, each month members will receive a gorgeous pink box filled with 6 expertly selected, luxury beauty samples to try out. The samples will include mix of established brands as well as new lines, across six different categories (skincare, body care, hair care, make-up, fragrance and lifestyle.)  The deluxe samples received will differ each month; which is great for those of us wishing to try out new products. What’s more if you receive a product that you like, you can buy the full sized version of it with a members discount on the Boudoir Prive website.

I absolutely love getting packages in the post and with the added surprise of what you might have to try out that month waiting inside a beautiful box, seem super exciting!
With huge varieties in skin tone, skin type, personal style and preference I hope that this new concept will make it easier for us to find great products, ones that work well for us and that we can have more confidence in before investing in them.
For more information about Boudoir prive you can go to


  1. I've signed up for one of these! Can't wait to try them xx

  2. :) Great, I'm really excited too! x

  3. I'm really excited about this, especially as the second GlossyBox turned out to be such a disappointment and they're putting the prices up!

  4. I just found your blog via Boudoir Prive website, and I too blogged about this earlier today, following the disappointment from a UK company! I have signed up and I do hope it's good and lives up to what it sets out.

  5. Rachel: Oh no! I feel awful for all those that signed up for Glossy Box :( I do hope that it improves for them and that the price increase isnt too much more :(. Im glad that you're excited about Boudoir Prive too! :) x

    Hair and Beautylicious: Yay! Thats great that you blogged about Boudoir Prive too :) I'll go have a look at it. Yes hopefully it will :) x


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