Sunday, 19 June 2011

Soap and Glory’s 'Hand Food' - Review

I don't have many products from Soap and Glory but I repurchase their ‘Hand Food’ over and over. It's marketed as a non-greasy, hydrating hand cream, that contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow, and my goodness, doesn't it smell good! However, the sweet scent might be a hit or miss for you; a few of my friends think it's a little too sickly for their liking.

This hand cream lives in my handbag, so that it's within quick reach when ever my hands are feeling a little dry. The formula is light and easily absorbs into the skin, without leaving a greasy, sticky residue. Its perfect for a quick application on the go and you don't have to worry about dropping things after applying it (unless your just clumsy like me J and drop things regardless). I will say that I do find that it doesn't hydrate my skin for very long; you do end up having to re apply quite a bit throughout the day. But if you're crazy about the scent like myself; its just another excuse to wack it on again! I don't have very sensitive hands but if you do, the strong amount of perfume in the formula might irritate your skin.

The packaging is another selling point for me. I really like the design; I think its very girly and not too fussy. I particularly like that it comes in a squeeze bottle with a flip cap, so that you can easily control how much you apply and it keeps the product hygienic (I’m not a fan of hand cream within a tub, it just gets messy).

I think the price is quite reasonable too, £4.85 for 125ml and for a smaller, 50ml travel size £2.35. I often wait till there's an offer going on,on the Soap and Glory products before i buy; which Boots have quite regularly. 

Overall it's a great product if you want instant smooth and scented skin, but if you’re looking for a great long lasting moisturiser, I personally don't think this fits the bill.

If anyone has any other hand cream recommendation I’d love for you to let me know so I can give them ago J


  1. Personally I found this product horrible compared to my NIVEA Hand, face and body cream. It is so expensive, and although it smells nice I found it took so long to sink in that after using it I couldn't grip a pen! The scent turns really sickly and not very nice after a while and my hands weren't left very moisturised at all.

  2. I appreciate your feedback, maybe our differences in opinion are because of variations in skin type or personal preference. Personally I liked it, which shows how there aren’t just ‘one size fits all’ products. Thank you for the suggestion of the Nivea hand cream, I shall have to try it out too x

  3. I don't really like the smell of Soap & Glory stuff. I always feel like the strong fragrance will irritate my skin... :s I really like the Dove Pro-Age hand cream. It smells lovely and moisturises my hand well. My favourite has to be The Body Shop Hemp one. Quite pricey. £5 for a small tube or £10 for 100ml but it works very well. Rich and absorbs well with only slight greasiness at the beginning considering how rich it is. It works on a lot of people who have dry chapped hands. I love the herby smell too.

  4. It sounds like i need to try out some new hand creams :) thanks for all the great suggestions, looks like my hands are in for a treat! x

  5. I just purchased this hand cream a few weeks ago and I love it! Because of my job, my hands get really dried out and this cream does a great job of moisturizing without leaving my hands greasy. I think the smell is amazing! Great review :)

  6. mylifeismediocre: Thank you :) glad you like it too :) x


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