Monday, 27 June 2011

Simple Sun Care

With the weather looking up and summer holidays approaching fast, sun care has been on my mind quite a bit recently. I’m not one for lying in the sun for hours trying to get a tan, I get bored (I’m quite a fidget!) and I think my obsession with skincare makes me super conscious about the damaging effects that the sun can have.
On typical English days I feel that my daily moisturiser with SPF of 15 does the trick, but with sunnier days like the ones we’ve been having lately, I know that my moisturiser alone just isn’t enough. Whilst on holidays in the past I’ve just used whatever sun cream was on offer to protect my body and to be honest, I’ve just slapped that on my face too (shock horror some of you might think). I wasn’t really aware that there were sun creams specifically for just your face. However, now I know that this is almost certainly the reason why, I always had a shiny face in all of my holiday photos and that it was the cause of all the annoying, routine holiday breakouts!
I was pottering around Boots the other day and stumbled across the sun care isles. I noticed that Simple had brought out a new sun care range and seeing as I like quite a few of Simple’s products already, I suppose I was drawn to them.

I became particularly interested in the facial sun cream, everything on the tin sounded promising High UVB and 5 * UVA protection (many of the daily moisturizers only have UVA protection!). UVA protection goes more skin deep, helping to prevent wrinkles and other aspects of photo-aging and whereas UVB protection helps to prevent sunburn. The sun rays of UVB are more potent than UVA ones, so really just having UVA protection isn’t really a full defence. In the end I brought two products from the Simple Sun care range; the Sun Sensitive Protecting Facial Lotion (£10.20 for 75ml) and the Sun Sensitive Protecting light body lotion (£10.20 for 200ml) They were buy one get one free when I brought them, bargainJ! And if you’re interested the offer is still on! J
Over the past few weeks I’ve had quite a bit of use out of the facial sun cream and I’ve definitely been more than impressed so far.
The product contains sunflower extracts, which it claims will help to enhance your skins natural defences; as well as vital vitamins, such as pro- vitamin B5 and vitamin E that help to soften, smooth and improve the skins condition. To be honest when I read this claim in the shop I wasn’t really convinced, but actually I’ve been surprised. My skin has felt more moisturised and soft compared to the usual tacky feeling after using other sun creams.
As with all Simple products this also doesn't contain any unnecessary or harsh chemicals and is dermatologically tested. What was an even better sell for me was that it didn't have any perfume, colour and was oil free, meaning no more shiny face for me! Knowing that the sun cream was oil free is what I really liked about this facial sun cream.  Unlike my previous experiences with sun cream, I haven’t ended up with that horrible, greasy, sticky feeling after applying it. However, I must mention that once I had rubbed the sun cream into my skin I was a little worried. When you first apply it, it does leave a slight shiny surface, but don’t be put off as it soon absorbs into the skin to leave it feeling quite soft, without any visible shine or that unpleasant cloggy feeling.
The consistency of the cream is quite light and using it doesn’t whiten your skins appearance. Don’t worry you won’t end up looking paler than when you first started! You can even apply your makeup on top if you wanted to, which is comforting to know if like me, you sometimes need to cover those few little annoying blemishes J. The cream doesn’t have much of a smell as its perfume free. If you have quite sensitive skin, as always simple products are soft and gentle, so it should be alright to use J.
I really like the packaging that the product comes in. The flip cap is easy to use and hygienic. The squeezable tube allows you to control of how much product you want to use but I’ve noticed that once the tube has been in the sun for a while the formula can get a little runny, so be careful when reapplying it not to be too heavy handed, as you might end up with more than you need J
Overall I was really happy with my purchase of Simple’s sun cream.  It gives me confidence that my skin is protected without having to worry about looking greasy or shiny J .
If you have any other sun cream favourites i'd love to hear about them J

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