Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Shopping Damage – Revision Reward

I went shopping last week and got a few new makeup/beauty pieces to add to my collection, a girl can never have too many J (well that's what I say to myself) its like boys with their video games!

The main reason I went shopping is because I wanted to reward myself for the hours spent cooped up in my tiny little room for the past few weeks, trying to revise. Now that the exams are over, for now anyway, I thought I get a bit of retail therapy done. The first shop I went to was Debenhams, as I had heard for weeks about how they had the Urban Decay Naked palettes in stock. I had my fingers crossed all the way to the store, hoping that they still had some left…and yes, my prayers were answers as there they were just two left! So I quickly picked one up and snapped it up straight away  *Happy Dance *

Here are some pictures and swatches.

I personally think that £32 for 12 quite large and wonderfully pigmented eye shadows is great value for money, especially when you add in the additional travel size primer potion J.

The only thing I was a little disappointed about was that it comes with a brush. Don't get me wrong the brush is great, but the American version includes a double-ended black and brown eyeliner, which I would have preferred. But never mind, I’m still happy.

It's the only thing I’ve used for eye shadow since I got it, so so soo worth it! 

Hugs Holly
x  X  x

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