Monday, 13 June 2011

Review: Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask

It contains active ingredients such as natural clay – which help to detoxify and purify the skin, and seaweed extract – to cleanse, smooth and soften the skin.

What it claims to do
Remove dead skin cells and impurities from deep in the skin, to reveal fresher, brighter looking skin.

My Experience J
I’ve used this facemask 4 times now for just over a 2 week period, which it recommends I do as I have normal to oily skin (but less if you have dry skin).  As always Simple products are promoted to be great for sensitive skin, I tend to gravitate to these types of product as I don't like using harsh products on my face.

My skin can get quite oily around the T zone area and that's where the majority of my breakouts occur, so with that in mind I thought I would see if this could help. 

The mask defiantly lived up to its promise, it does not in any way irritate my skin, nor did it leave my face feeling too dry or sore.  What I like most about it was that
I didn't get that horrid feeling that some masks can give; the tight sensation. I really didn't feel like I had anything on my skin! The application is nice too; it's quite a watery consistency, which I was slightly concerned about nonetheless I found it easy to apply to my skin without getting it in my hair or around my eye area. It doesn't contain any offensive perfume or colour, which again is great for sensitive skin types.

All you have to do is leave the mask on your skin for 3 minutes and then wash it off. After the 3 minutes most of the product actually absorbed into my skin, which was kind of strange but no harm done (I’m not sure if its meant to do that). The directions to leave the mask on for 3 minutes is great if you don't have hours to spare or if you’re worried you’ll get caught looking like an alien. It’s very easy to incorporate this into your skin care routine. I use a hot muslin cloth (from boots) to wipe the product away. The mask was very easy to remove and I didn't feel like any of the products was still left on my skin. All my skin felt was nourished and hydrated but it wasn't amazing. My pores do slightly appear to have been 'unclogged' afterwards but to be honest I didn't really think they were before hand.

I think this is definitely a more of a gentle facemask however my face the next morning felt less oily and more fresh than normal. For the price I think it's a great product and that it would be great for all skin types. It's a lovely gentle, yet very effective mask to use and truly is perfect for all skin types. The price is also fantastic, its £3.99 from boots.

I hope that this was helpful, if anyone can recommend any other face masks let me know :)

Hugs Holly 


  1. Enjoyed reading post on your blog.!

  2. Do you have to wash or make dampen your face before leaving this mask on? Or apply it directly on the face?

  3. I apply it on a clean face, after i have cleansed and have blotted my face dry :) hope thats helpful :) Holly x

  4. Thanks dear =)


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