Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lightening The Load :)

All the bags i seem to own seem to be quite big, i think i went through a big is better phase lol. And i've been getting a bit fed up with lugging a huge bag around in the hot weather. Now that summer is here, the weather is getting better and i'm not having to layer up, i want to lighten my load too.

So i headed over to Primark for a bit of shopping the other day. I usually avoided it at the weekends as it just gets too busy and i feel all claustrophobic, but with less lectures after exams and more free time in the day i thought it was a perfect time to go. It definitely was, there was hardly anyone in there :) and i had a long mooch around. I ended up only buying one thing as the bits i tried on the in the fitting room looked much better on the hanger than on me but never mind.

I was happy with my single purchase :) i got this cute little bag for £5! And i love love love the pattern detail on the buckle :) Its perfect for the summer and its not too big or too small, i can still carry all the essentials around.

Let me know if you're down sizing your bag for summer too :)

Hugs Holly 


  1. Gorgeous bag, I really should down size but don't know if I can I always carry stuff for those just in case moments :-) x

  2. lol i know what you mean, i do have a slight empty feeling without some of mine, fingers crossed i wont get caught out! x

  3. That is really cute!

    Nic x
    Beauty Blogger


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