Monday, 6 June 2011

Oh La La

I love to wear a pair of false lashes on a special occasion; they make me feel more feminine and glamorous. There are huge ranges of false eyelashes available and with a wide price range, from dirt cheap to designer price tags.

False eyelashes can be either natural and compliment your own natural lashes or can be more fun and make the perfect party or fancy dress outfit even more outrageous. Sometimes application can be tricky but practice definitely makes perfect. I have defiantly had some false lash frustrations in the past.

Throughout history women have been trying to find way to accentuate their eyes, as many perceive the eyes to be the source of beauty. The first use of false eyelashes was believed to have originated from a demand made by an American film director, who asked a wig maker to design something to highlight his leading ladies cheekbones.

The current frontiers of the eyelash industry are continually advancing with each new glamorous flutter. ‘La La Lashes’ are the latest creations from Lash Perfect, with a range of feminine, sultry and daring lashes.

Don't you just instantly fall for these blue velvet feather inspired lashes! Feathers are the hot new accessories this summer and these certainly have me all in a flutter.  

Hugs Holly
x  X  x

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