Sunday, 5 June 2011

I’ve recently just finished my summer exams and oh boy does it feel good! I must have been revising solid for weeks and by the end I was definitely losing my momentum. I hope that if you’re reading this and if you’re still in the middle of your exams that you manage to keep going J and try not too worry too much; you’ll soon be able to relax too. Oh and also good luck J !

Revising can be such a pain and I don't know about you, but I just end up thinking about all the lovely things I could be doing instead and getting distracted by that. I have found that taking breaks, going for short walks in between and planning can help you to get the most out of your study time.

During the exam periods my sleeping pattern becomes an absolute nightmare. Shutting off from study mode and worrying about all the things that I haven’t done or cant remember seem to buzz around in my mind all night keeping me awake (I have even dreamt I was still studying! Slightly crazy I know!).

I had mentioned to my grandad in conversation that I was having trouble sleeping and he kindly offered to sent me, Avon’s ‘Sleep Therapy, Goodnight’ pillow mist in hope that it might help (he likes to buy something from the Avon lady now and again to help her out, how sweet!). I was very thankful and was willing to try anything. I’m always worried sleeping tablets will cause me to miss my alarm or make me drowsy in an exam.

I began spraying a few pumps of the mist on to my pillow before I went to bed each night and I did find it to be very relaxing. It’s not a miracle worker by any means but the soft lavender aroma helped to gently ease me into a peaceful slumber and my sleep did improve.

The gentle lavender smell isn’t overpowering but strong enough to last. It leaves my linen smelling…well heavenly. The pump action bottle is easy to use and 125ml goes a long way, I still seem to have lots left. What’s even better is that the cool mist helps you to get a bit more confortable if it's a hot sticky night.

It costs £4.50 from, which I think is quite reasonable, or who knows you could always try a subtle hint to your grandad too J.

Even if you’re not taking exams but have trouble sleeping you might find this quite soothing too.

Sweet dreams

x  X  x

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