Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dove and Nails inc 'The Beauty Collection'

Do you remember when Nails inc and Diet coke teamed up? Giving away a free nail varnish when you brought a specific diet coke? 

Well heres the good news! Nails inc have partnered with Dove this summer, offereing two shades of nail polish inspired by catwalk fashions when you buy specific Dove items. 
The 'Beauty Collection' includes:

Copacabana (hot coral) 

and Havana (creamy pink) 

This collaboration co insides with the launch of Doves Beauty Finish Deodorant.

To snag a glamourous Nails Inc polish for a lots less than their usual price of £11 all you have to do is buy two Dove Deodorants in selected Boots stores.

The Dove ‘Beauty Collection’ is available in selected Boots stores nationwide between 15th June and 12th July 2011. Dove deodorants start from £2.24

As a lover of Doves products already I cant wait to get mine! J will you be picking these up??

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