Thursday, 30 June 2011

Drip Dry - Fast Drying Nail Polish

I am always messing up my just painted nails; I tried the one hand at a time techniques, the ice cold water trick and I have even waited over an hour before touching anything, in hopes of stopping myself from smudging my nail polish. I had almost accepted that my nails were always going to be slightly imperfect and then I read in an article in a magazine that mentioned Le Seche Vite fast drying top coat as the ultimate product for fast drying nails. However, trying to get it here in the UK is a little difficult and quite expensive, quite a bit more than I was willing to fork out (especially if it turned out not to work). So I was back to square one.
I’d almost forgotten about it all until on a recent visit to Germany, whilst catching up with some family there I stumbled across a brand called Essence in a cosmetics store. I was really shocked at the prices of their products but the quality no way mirrors this. They had a huge variety of affordable products from baked eye shadows to nail polishes. The one product that automatically jumped out at me was the ‘nail art express dry drops’.

Luckily with my lack of German translation skills all of the packaging was in English (I wish I was more bilingual *sigh*) It claimed to dry ‘your nail polish within 60 seconds’ and for €1.75 it went straight into my basket!  I wasn’t really expecting it to work as well as it did, it lived up to its definitely was dry in less than 60 seconds! I am super impressed with this little find and will definitely be asking my family to ship some more to me when I run out J

The product is super easy and convenient to use. You apply it using a pipette which allows you to control the drop of clear liquid directly onto the nail. You only need one drop even though it says 1-2, I even found that one was sometimes a little too much! The formula contains almond oil and vitamin E which is really good for your nails and cuticles. When I first used it I noticed that it was a little oily but it absorbs in quickly leaving lovely soft finger tips J
I can’t get over how excited I am about this new find. No more ruined nails for me J
Essence products are available in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.
If you've tried any other Essence Products i'd love to hear about your experiences :)
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  1. Oh I need this so badly! I've used Seche Vite and it worked quite well, but this sounds even better and much cheaper. Plus I'm off to Croatia on holiday so will look out for it! :)

    Nic x
    Beauty Blogger

  2. Ooh i hope you manage to get some :) and that you have a lovely holiday! x

  3. Wow!! Such a shame we can't get it in the UK. I tweeted earlier today about how much I hate waiting for my nail varnish to dry and someone recommended the Le Seche Vite. Do you knwo how much it is to buy in the UK? I'm in desperate need of something like that...


  4. I saw it on asos for £9.95 which is a lot cheaper than some of the other websites :) I know waiting for your nails to dry is super annoying! I hope you manage to get your hands on something :) x

  5. Im always messing mine up especially if I have a few coats on... I did a french manicure the other night and it managed to smudge in the morning when getting ready... HOW!? xx

  6. Hi Amy oh no :( thats happened to me before too! You think it would be dry by then lol its soo frustrating. Do you think you'll be able to get the express dry drops from somewhere? I hope you can :) x

  7. Essence has a great top coat nail polish that gives your nails a matte look! it's me new favorite and i'm sure once i order this online this will also be a favorite! thanks for the info!


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