Monday, 20 June 2011

British BB Creams

You might have heard the term BB cream being thrown around the beauty scene recently. Blemish balm is what the abbreviation ‘BB’ stands for and from its slightly miss leading name, you might believe it to be some kind of new spot treatment. Instead, it has multiple functions, only one of which being anti-inflammatory.  BB cream is a combination of a primer, lightweight foundation, concealer, anti aging moisturizer and a sun block! This all-in-one skin care hybrid is being called this years Holy Grail product in the UK. Perfect for freeing up our wallets so we can spend more money on other goodies J

German doctor Christine Schrammek, the genius behind the creation originally designed the cream as an ointment for her patients who had undergone skin peels. Its taken the beauty market by storm in Korea, Japan and China and now is starting to spread to other places on the globe.

Finally the UK have caught on and BB creams will be heading our way soon J *YAY* and I can’t be more excited! I have been searching on Ebay trying to get my hands on some to try out for a while now; but I have no need.

Garnier will be selling their version of the BB cream; ‘Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All in One BB cream’ from August.

However, there’s even more good news if you cant wait that long. Those of you who will be jetting off to various destination on holiday this summer, from July you’ll be able to buy Estee Lauder’s Cyber White Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB cream (£26),

 Mac’s Prep and Prime BB cream (£22.10)

or Clinique’s Defense Age BB cream (£19) when passing through Heathrow Airport.  

I do hope it’ll live up to all the hype! Let me know if you’re thinking about getting some J


  1. OMG! Really?! Haha, I'm so excited. I like Garnier too. I wonder if people are going to be like, 'What?!' in the shops. I really want to try out the MAC one but I'm only flying to Europe from Gatwick so I doubt there will be any of the international stuff there. I'm currently using a Missha one and waiting for my Skin79 one to arrive.

  2. I know i'm super excited!! I hope you manage to get some in the airport :) you never know! I've heard really good things about the Skin79 :) which website did you buy it from? x

  3. Yay, my Skin79 one arrived today! I hear about people seeing an improvement in their skin when using BB Cream. Don't think that's happened to me. Hope I don't break out from the Skin79 one. I have super sensitive skin. I bought it from eBay from the seller: booen for just under £10. Have you used BB Creams before?

  4. Yay :) i hope its good and that your skin likes it :) No i have yet to try some, i think im going to buy some soon. Thanks for letting me know where you brought it from :) will have to go and check it out! x

  5. Are you a foundation kinda gal? :) I prefer BB Creams as it's lighter in coverage. I have a lovely Revlon PhotoReady foundation though which is supr light but because of the hevaier coverage even if I wear a bit, it looks too heavy on me? I don't know why foundation does that to me. I think powder foundations work better on me. I do love The Body Shop All in One Face Base but I'd quite like to splurge on a nice fancy higher-end one. What do you use? :) I somehow feel powder is better for my skin because it won't clog up my pores so much? That's why I always feel I wear more make-up with BB Cream. I dunno, maybe that's just me...

  6. I also prefer more lighter foundations, at the moment i'm tending to use my Bare Escentuals mineral foundation. I like it because you can alter the coverage that you want and as its mineral its kinder to your skin. Thank you for your help on BB creams, i think they sound perfect :) x

  7. I always use the Clinique lotions (and a lot of their other stuff). I might test that one if I see it when I go to my make up store.


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